6 Things Having Ombre Hair Has Taught Me

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A few months ago, after my June wedding, I was itching to try something new with my hair. I have always had dark, one color tresses and I wanted my wedding day look to be very glamorous and sultry. I kept my hair super long and very dark. After the “I do’s” I was eager to do something different with my hair so I cut off a good 5-6 inches for a long bob (aka “Lob”) hair style and asked my hair colorist to do some subtle ombre. I loved the new hair length and the color but I didn’t feel like it was light enough, or shall I say, I thought it was a bit too brassy for my taste.


I was like many girls and fell in love with the ombre hair styles all over Pinterest, so when my color didn’t quite look as fresh and light I went back again and asked if we could add more of the ombre and lighten in up some more. So back to the salon I went and also chopped off another 2 inches and had more ombre added. Now a few months in with this hair style and I have made my appointment to have it colored over back to brown. As much as I try to do different hair styles and colors I always wind up reverting back to my “safe” look which is dark. I’ve learned a lot having had ombre for awhile now and giving it a fair shot, but maybe this will also help anyone who had dark hair and is considering taking the plunge.


After my first hair cut and ombre coloring – I could see my ends fried a bit here.

  1. ombre hair coloring, especially if you have pretty dry and damaged hair like I tend to have will look brassy, even with toner and with using special brass reduction shampoo. Even though it has achieved a pretty nice tone, it still to me sometimes appears a little brassy and orange in some light. If you have damaged hair ombre might not be a good idea for you.
  2. your ends will get pretty destroyed. I have found that having gone ombre it has really dried out and made me have more split ends. I don’t remember my ends looking or feeling so dry when my hair was dark
  3. it will never look perfect on the first try. i had to go at least two times to get it to be a bit closer to what I wanted, but it still never looked the way I really hoped it would and that is not because of my colorist, I just think my type of hair doesn’t take to lightening well at all.
  4. it will get better over time, as it grows out. now that i’ve had my ombre for awhile it does look a lot better to me than at first when I freaked out a bit after seeing the color in a few photos. ombre looks best as it grows out, so you do have to give it some time to see how it looks and lands but you may just decide you are not into it anymore
  5. it never looks like it does on Pinterest. you won’t know what type of hair the model has or what lighting they are using, but don’t get your hopes set on what you see in a pin. My hair is just not meant for lightening, I am convinced and that is okay.
  6. you will wind up spending a lot on products. I bought brass free purple shampoos, special ultra moisturizing conditioners, hair masks, styling products, etc. It took a lot to keep my hair looking healthy and even though people didn’t seem to think it looked bad, I could still feel the dryness and also see the broken pieces of hair in my sink daily

After my second coloring to bring up the ombre more and in some lighting it appeared red and orange and not light or blonde

With all that said, I am proud that I stuck to this style for as long as I did. I am going back this week to my colorist to say “go back to dark” and I am well aware that will be a process too. I know that it will take awhile for my highlighted parts to completely go over to the dark side, but at least it will be a darker ombre and less of a light one. For the next few months I will be letting my hair grow out and just being as kind to it as I kind. As for supplements I have found some good success in healthier, longer and stronger hair by taking Viviscal, NeoCell Beauty Bursts, Hylauronic Acid Pills, B12 Folic Acid Liquid and BioSil.

Here is my hair right after my wedding and where I’d like to get back to over the next few trips to the salon:

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