A breakfast packed with protein and energy

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For a long time I was, like many, scared about eating anything like oatmeal because it was “too many carbs” – fast forward to now when so many of those myths for me have been debunked. I now make sure that having carbs, and I mean GOOD carbs, are a part of my daily routine. I never believe that low carb diets will ever work for me, I just am not a happy person to be around if I am eating minimal amounts of carbs. Oatmeal though is a great source of carbohydrates and energy, especially on my heavier lifting days like legs or back. I aim to eat most of my carbs in the first half of the day and like to eat a good portion of them for breakfast and lunch, to give me energy throughout the busy work day and also to keep me feeling full if I happen to be super busy and unable to eat on time for my next meal. Oatmeal for me was not a food I ate growing up. I grew up on boxed cereal a lot, which we all know is not a healthy option – loaded with sugars and preservatives – so now as an adult I make smarter choices with my food and my breakfast. I never skip breakfast, even if it means having a slice of toasted Ezekiel bread and a scoop of natural almond butter.

I NEED breakfast to get my day started and to keep me going.


First let’s go over the nutritional information of rolled oats. I buy the Bob’s Red Mill Organic Rolled Oats and eat bout 1/3 of a cup which has the below break down of macros:


Since oatmeal alone is not high in protein I like to add some water and then 1/2 scoop of whey protein. By adding the protein I also get a flavor that is added to the oatmeal as well which is a bonus. I like to use flavors like Optimum Nutrition Protein Energy Cinnamon Bun or a NutriWhey Vanilla and then add a few dashes of cinnamon on top. I put this in the microwave for no more than 1 minute and then mix and enjoy!


If you find that this oatmeal is not ‘sweet’ enough for you, feel free to add a packet of stevia or a few drops of liquid stevia. I personally don’t like mine to taste too sweet, however, if you’ve eaten packet oatmeal with lots of flavors for a long time this might take some getting used to. I never ever buy the packet oatmeal with the flavors since they are loaded with sugars and other processed ingredients – I recommend buying a bag of organic rolled oats, adding some whey protein to it and then sweeten up with stevia or you can also add some natural honey.


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