A great total body workout exercise with soft medicine ball - squats and abs

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Working out at home – easy squat and abdominal exercises to try

Use a soft medicine ball to do these exercises. If your gym doesn’t have one, or you want to try these exercises at home you can order one from amazon in 8, 10 or 12 pounds: click here. I like to use these since they allow you to get some weight into your routine to help build some muscle, but it’s also such a high paced workout that keeps your heart rate up that you get a nice calorie burn as well. When I do the below exercises I monitor my heart rate on my Polar FT7 watch and I can see that after 20 reps my heart rate is high! It’s also good to use the soft padded medicine balls because your grip is a bit wider to hold onto them and therefore you work out different parts of your shoulders and back. Pick these up from the floor to chest to overhead is a great total body workout!


Deadlift to Overhead press to Overhead Squat Routine

? Start with the ball on the floor between your feet.

? Make sure your feet are a bit wider than shoulder width apart and toes slightly pointed out.

?Grab the ball and lift it up to your chest level while pushing through your heels to rise up tall.

?Push the ball with both hands up above your head like you would a shoulder press.

?Then with your arms above your head drop down into a squat.

?Make sure to keep your spine neutral and your chest up.

? Sit down with your butt back like you are sitting back into a chair.

? Then push up again through your heals and drop down to put the ball on the floor again.

? Repeat this 20 times for 3 – 4 sets.


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Abdominal Workout on the floor:

A basic crunch:

– Start with your knees bent and your back flat on the floor

– Keep your back straight and your core tight rise up and touch the outside of the middle of your calves

– Slowly lower back down and repeat for 20 reps

Abdominal V-Ups:

– Start with your body completely flat and legs flat as well

– With a tight core and straight back raise your legs and your upper body into a “V” position

– Hold for a few seconds then lower and repeat

– Do this 10 times for 3-4 sets.


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