A quick breakfast to fuel your morning - Ezekiel Toast, Almond Butter and Coffee Shake

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Getting out of the house on time while still making a decently healthy and nutritious breakfast is always a challenge. I am always going a mile a minute in the morning so I have to be able to make something quick that I can also eat on the go if I need to. Recently since I have not been able to list heavy (an injury I have been dealing with for the last 2 months with inflammation and pain in my sternum and rib cage) I keep my morning meal consistent. I am a huge fan of Ezekiel bread, which many people are just starting to learn about. You can find Ezekiel bread in the frozen section and usually near the waffles or frozen bagels.


My current morning breakfast when I am on the go consists of:


1. shaker bottle filled with ice, organic skim milk or almond milk, Starbucks unsweetened iced coffee and 3/4 scoop of Nutriforce NutriWhey Cafe Cream protein powder. It winds up tasting like a mocha coffee but with the addition of protein powder which I need to keep lean muscle while I am not currently lifting heavy. It is the right amount of coffee/sweet/cappuccino flavor with the added bonus of natural caffeine from the protein powder.

2. my regiment of vitamins and supplements (fish oil, Viviscal, Alive gummy multivitamin, B12, D3, Tonalin CLA, Resveratrol and probiotic)

3. 1 piece of Ezekiel Bread toasted with 2 tbsp of P28 Foods Almond Butter and 1/2 organic banana sliced on top

What is sprouted grain bread and why do I eat it?


  • Source of Complete Protein – Rated 84.3% as efficient as the highest source of protein (comparable to that of milk or eggs)
  • Contains 18 Amino Acids – Including all 9 essential amino acids
  • Increased Digestibility – Sprouting breaks down starches in grains into simple sugars so your body can digest them easily.
  • Increased Absorption of Minerals - Sprouting breaks down enzyme inhibitors, so your body can more easily absorb calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc.
  • Increased Vitamin C – Sprouting produces vitamin C.
  • Increased Vitamin B – Sprouting increases the vitamin B2, B5 & B6.
  • Great source of Fiber – Combining sprouted grains and legumes gives a good amount of natural fiber in each serving.


They also make a variety of flavors but overall the bread is soft and really one slice fills me up! It comes frozen so you will need to let it thaw out and then put back into the fridge. I like to toast one slice and while it is still hot put my P28 protein almond spread on top! It helps it to melt really nicely and doesn’t break the bread! This also gives me some more protein in the morning with healthy fats. I then top my toast with a half of a organic banana with thin slices. It’s the perfect combo of sweetness in the morning on my way out the door.


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