A sample back day workout for women - my favorite exercises

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Below is a sample of my current favorite back day workout – including the exercises I do and some sample photos on how to do them properly


I love to cut the necks off of my sweatshirts, not sure when or why I started to do this but I love them that way :)

Back day has slowly become one of my favorite days in the gym. Personally I think the time you put in during the fall and winter months will be worth it comes the summer times when you start to wear tank tops and low cut back dresses and shirts. The back is meant to be trained and made strong – it helps with posture and the more built your back the more tapered your waist will look. I train my back once a week and do a combination of super sets to really get a burn and cardio benefit. It usually takes me about 30 minutes to 35 minutes to do this workout and then I follow up with an ab circuit after. I don’t do cardio on this day, I just focus on lifting and training my back and abs. I also make sure on the days I train my back that I am very mentally focused to have some good mind/body connection. I am always squeezing my muscles and really hitting these hard. There is nothing better than when you start to see your hard work taking shape! I have always had bad posture so I have been working on my back for three years now and it has greatly improved that.

I start the workout doing a 5 minute warm up either on the bike or treadmill then jump right into my lifting routine.


For this workout I do super sets: 4 sets of each exercise for 10 reps

Super Set 1:

Neck Pulls & Close Crip Lat Pulls


Super Set #2:

Inclined Bench Dumb Bell Rows & Dumb Bell Pullovers


Super Set #3:

Wide Grip Lat Pulls & One Arm Dumb Bell Rows

(null)Finisher is 3 sets of 10 One Arm Lat Pull Downs (Pictured below)


Here are some videos of these exercises to watch:

Don’t forget to stay hydrated during your workouts, especially when lifting. I like to sip on an amino drink with BCAA’s during and after my workouts. ( here is what I use)


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