A special message written on my wedding shoes

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CHULDp7UAAAqq94l I wanted to make sure that on my wedding day me and my husband had a bunch of memorable, romantic and sentimental touches. Whether it was the cards we exchanged the night before the big day, special pieces of material that were added to my gown from my mother’s old clothing or having our dog be a part of the getting ready photos…but one of my favorite things we came up with doing was having him write me a message on the bottom of my wedding shoes. I decided I wanted to do this about a month before our June 6, 2015 wedding. I knew I wanted to read something on camera from him while the photographer and videographer were with me as I got into my gown…but I wanted something that would be with me for the entire day. I wanted those words to last all day long and then the idea came to give him a Sharpie marker and say “go to town, write anything you want on the bottom of my wedding shoes!”


So, as I was getting ready at the hair salon that morning, I left my shoe and a marker in the Kate Spade shoe box in the trunk of my car. My husband drove to the salon, took the shoes into his own car, wrote his message and then placed them back into their box for me to read when I got back to the hotel I was going to be getting ready at. My shoes were a classic, ivory pair of Kate Spade Izzie heels – super delicate with a strap around the ankle and a big satin bow on the back. These shoes were so comfortable but also the perfect touch of romance and girly-ness.


This photo which I shared on my Instagram account ( www.instagram.com/missads1981) was an instant hit by lovers, brides and women alike. The heartfelt words that John wrote to me, and the fact that he signed it “Your husband” moved me to tears. It was so special to read these words knowing in a few short hours I would be putting those heels to the floor in the aisle of the church walking to meet my husband. I did not take my shoes off all night, even after four hours of dancing. I didn’t want to lose that message or those feelings and I kept them on all night long. While the dancing did smudge some of the words they are pretty much in tact and now I can save those shoes forever and remember this beautiful day and his even more beautiful words.


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