Abdominals Exercise for Women - 6 packs aren’t going to grow themselves ladies

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Some quick ab exercises for women to do:

I get asked on some of my other posts what ab exercises I recommend doing. For me abs have always been something I train but I don’t dedicate much time to it other than 5-10 minutes every few workouts. A strong core is very important, but lifting weights in compound movements also targets the core when you don’t even realize it. For example, back squats with a free weight Olympic bar are constantly engaging your abdominals to keep your body tight and in good form. For awhile I didn’t even need to do isolated ab workouts because so many strength training exercises were building my abs as well.

I enjoy doing mostly floor ab workouts currently. I personally like doing alternating bicycle crunches like you see below. This is great for the core but also targets the side abs or obliques. I will usually do 4 sets of 20 reps alternating. The goal is to touch the opposite elbow to the opposite knee and keep the legs from ever touching the floor in between. Lift the head and abs but don’t pull your neck, let yours abs do the work!


Another great floor work ab exercise is alternating plank knee taps. You can also throw a push up in between each if you are feeling brave. The goal is to stay in a plank position and then bring your knee up to tap your elbow. This engages your core and your obliques really well! It also leaves my arms burning so it’s a total workout for me.


The last one is a basic crunch with hands to knees. This helps you to keep good form by not pulling the neck. Lay flat and then pull up and keep your arms straight until you touch the top of your knees. Feet should be flat on the floor with your legs in a bent position. I usually do 20 reps of these for 4 sets.


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