AG Hair Cosmetics Professional Colour Care Review

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Color Safe and Cruelty Free Hair Products – AG Hair Cosmetics Review


AG Hair Cosmetics 3 system kit – cost me $28 dollars in the salon and has lasted me for over 2 1/2 months with almost every other day use!

This blog post is a review of a new hair care line that I purchased at my hair salon after my last visit for a cut and color – AG Hair Cosmetics is a brand of hair care products specially formulated for color treated hair. Their hair care products are sold at many salons, online and from their website. I had never heard of this brand before, but I am always on the hunt for a really good set of shampoo, conditioner and some type of leave in treatment or conditioner. I have yet to really find a hair care line that I am obsessed with, I have so many hair products that I try and never wind up finishing because it really never seems to impress me beyond my wildest hair care dreams. Over the last year I decided to stop using store bought/commercial brand hair care products and move toward all natural lines in an attempt to see if using those would help to make my hair healthier. For those of you who may not follow my blog regularly my hair type is dry, damaged, color treated. I get my hair colored every 6-8 weeks and do a semi permanent glaze color on it. As I prepare for my wedding this year I decided to go back to my dark color hair, which is closest to my natural color. In the last year I have done tons of damage to my hair by doing highlights and ombre on the ends so now is the time to be nicer to my mane and take care of it with good upkeep and great products.


If you have color treated hair that needs moisture without the weighed down residue, this one is for you!

So on my last visit to the salon I had asked my stylist if she could recommend something that might work well on my hair. I get my hair done now at Hair Ambition Salon in Nutley, New Jersey – so if you are local to the Norther NJ area I highly recommend visiting the salon and ask for Crystal. She is the owner and head stylist and she knows color! I had a few criteria of what I was looking for:

? it had to be cruelty free (no animal testing)

? had to be safe for color treated hair (obviously)

? I didn’t want it to make my hair feel weighed down with lots of heavy residue

? I didn’t want it to make my hair feel greasy (some “moisturizing” products wind up making hair even oilier)

She recommended the AG Hair Cosmetics line and said I should go with the Colour Savour Color Care line. They also offer formulas for a variety of hair types and needs: (click on any of them to view the products in each line)

KERATIN REPAIR – click here

SMOOTH – click here

COLOUR CARE – click here

CURL – click here

VOLUME – click here

STYLE – click here

MOISTURE – click here

THERAPY – click here


Time to debunk the myths about shampooing your hair daily:

Q: Washing your hair everyday will rob it of its natural oils…

False. Many people like to wash their hair everyday as it refreshes and optimizes their style. As long as you're using a professional shampoo that is not formulated with salt and is loaded with great ingredients like silk and keratin proteins, panthenol and herbal extracts, your hair will not only retain its natural oils but will benefit with the boost of proteins and moisturizers that get depleted from environmental stress, hot tools and colour treatments.

You only need a quarter size amount of the shampoo to get a good lather going and it never makes my hair feel dry or stripped. Sometimes shampoo can be harsh on my hair and actually make it feel drier after shampooing it, then I would have to put tons of conditioner on and THAT is what weighed my hair down and made it even more oily. This shampoo is so gentle on my hair and I only need a tiny amount of conditioner after.


The fast-dry heat protection is a must!

I am always a bit weary to put anything on my hair when it is wet as my hair always feels weighed down by lots of hair products but this is such a fine mist that you won’t even feel it in your hair. I use 2-3 pumps MAX and brush it through my wet hair with a wide tooth comb. It helps to get rid of any tangles and it helps me to get my hair blow dried much faster. I also needed to start to use a heat protector, I wasn’t in the habit of using one but I sure do blow dry and straighten my hair a lot. I wash my hair at least every other day because I work out daily and sweat – I can get away with one day of not washing it but by the end of day two it’s a oily mess and it winds up in a pony tail quick. This shampoo and conditioner do not strip my hair of color or moisture.


A little conditioner goes a long way!

I used to always put a ton of conditioner on my hair. I used to think “my hair is dry and damaged, I need to put a ton of conditioner on” but then by the end of the day my hair felt oily, dirty and flat. It was all weighed down by so much product sitting on the hair that it made it even worse. What I learned is that you only need a dime size amount of conditioner and you only apply it to the ends. If you put it all over your head and your scalp it just makes your hair even oilier. Your roots will be moisturized by your hairs natural oils that come from the pores and follicles. You don’t need to add even more moisture there, let your scalp do that for you. Just focus on the ends and that will also give your hair more body since it’s not loaded with product on it all day long with residue.



Not only are the AG Hair Products really fantastic but their mission and their giving back program makes me want to spend my dollars with them even more. A portion of every bottle they sell goes to helping build schools in Africa for young girls. I love when a company does something charitable that is also on brand with who they are and what they sell. So every time you buy a product from them, a small amount is going to help others and that makes me feel good too.

“Women are at the core of AG Hair's business and we feel both passionate and obliged to help women without any means achieve their potential to create change through education. With each bottle of AG Hair product that we sell, a contribution is made to Women Leading Change. 100% of our donation goes directly towards building schools in Africa. Learn more about where you can find AG Hair products.” – taken from their website.


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