ALS ice bucket challenge completed - what it is and how to donate

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I was also nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge by some of my coworkers. Of course it happened while I was on vacation but I know it’s for a good cause so I did it while in Vegas. I am also going to make a donation as well since the goal is to raise awareness and money.

I then nominated some family members to do the challenge as well. I think it’s a great movement that also shows the power and reach of social media. Please make sure to donate though even if you do dump the ice and water on your head :)

Bathing suit: top is by H&M, bottom is by Victoria Secret
Hotel: The Rio in Las Vegas
Sunglasses: Forever 21

What is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, get your answers here:

• You can do it too! The 'Ice Bucket Challenge' is helping to spread awareness and raise funds in the fight against ALS. You can help by taking the challenge and donating to The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter.

• Donation link:

• Post your video on our Facebook page:

• And to Twitter: @ALSofGNY


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