Annie’s Naturals Organic Barbecue Chicken Breast Healthy Recipe

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Annie’s Naturals Oganic Barbecue Chicken Breast Healthy Recipe


If you’re looking for a new twist on bbq chicken you may want to try out this recipe. If you are currently eating a high protein diet, you know that grilled chicken can get old real quick if you don’t change up using new flavors, seasonings, spices or recipes. I recommend trying out new ways to bake, grill or over roast chicken so that you stay on your healthy eating track without getting bored.


A great line of products is made by Annie’s and this bbq sauce is top notch! I found it in the natural/organics section of my local grocery store. It was near the oils, cooking sprays and condiments. It has more of a sweet flavor than a mesquite bbq flavor which I prefer. It also is low in calories and a little really goes a long way. It is not a thick paste once it is cooked, but more of a lighter marinate. I like to use this when I am baking my chicken in an oven cause it really penetrates the chicken.

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You can add some more spices to your chicken if you’d like, today I used a little bit of sea salt and some McCormick’s Perfect Pinch all purpose seasoning. Make sure to cut the fat off of your chicken breasts to make them nice and lean. I like to slice them into smaller pieces which helps the meat to cook all the way through faster in the oven. Then I put it all in a container to let the chicken sit for a bit and let the seasonings marinate the chicken.


Once your chicken is cut and marinating you can preheat your oven to 375 degrees. You will also want to line a baking tray with some aluminum foil and get ready to put the chicken on there when it is ready to go into the oven to cook.


It will likely take about 40 minutes to let the chicken cook all the way through. It’s a good idea to also check on the chicken half way through the cooking (20 minutes in) and move the chicken around so that both sides get coated.


When it is done make sure to put the marinade from the baking tray onto the chicken so it doesn’t dry out. And there you have it, a bbq chicken dish that is fit for anytime of the year! Annie’s BBQ sauce is vegan friendly and dairy free.


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