Another week of meal prepping : high protein, low carb and lots of vegetables

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High protein, low carb meal prep this week


It’s time to get back on track so I’ve decided to get back into my weekend meal prepping for the next couple days ahead to eat healthy during the busy work week. I like to go to the grocery store and either Saturday or Sunday to give myself enough time to really look through ingredient list and pick out the freshest produce at either Trader Joe’s or the local farmers market near my house.


I also stop by the Dollar General store to pick up a bunch of new Tupperware so that I can easily put my food in their containers for the week. Having these on hand makes prepping easy as well as having smaller containers allows you to really portion control! Here are some great options for Tupperware as well online you can purchase

Meal Prep Containers for sale here


Today I made quite a few different options for my meal prep consisting mostly of lien season chicken, some salmon, lots of green veggies, asparagus, carrots, and boiled string beans. I also picked up a ton of great food items so I can make healthy breakfast in the morning after working out as well as fresheners in the evening. The great news is both me and my new husband are very much on the same path for our goals of health and fitness so making these meals works for the both of us.


I am also very excited to now be back in my lifting and gym routine since the wedding is now over and I can focus back again and lifting weights. This means my diet is very high protein with carbs on heavier lifting days and supplemented with lots of green vegetables in between. Not shown but also something I have every day are protein shakes as well as a green juice in the morning which I make with my nutribullet.


When it comes to seasoning my food I use a mix of Mrs. Dash sea salt ground black pepper Italian seasonings basil parsley and garlic. I also bake the chicken in the oven at 400 and boil my vegetables before putting them into a frying pan with some extra-virgin organic olive oil garlic and a little bit of free range organic chicken broth.


I also baked my asparagus spears as well as some fresh carrots in the oven which came out amazing. All in all meal prepping helps you to stay on top of your goals and eat only what you prepare as well as helping you to realize portion control every week I will continue to do this and share it on my blog with all of you if you have any questions about any particular food items just comment in the section below and I will answer

IMG_3755.JPG This week’s meal prep:

– thinly sliced natural chicken breast marinated with extra virgin organic olive oil, basil, parsley, italian seasoning, garlic salt and sea salt. Baked in over on 400 degrees

– steamed fresh green beans and carrots the sauteed with brussel sprouts, fresh corn off the cob and garlic made with olive oil and chicken broth

– asparagus spears baked in the oven with olive oil and garlic

– marinated cubed chicken breast grilled on the stove in a skillet with Mrs. Dash Chicken seasoning and olive oil

– filet of salmon marinated with sea salt, pepper and lemon juice

– mix of vegetables sauteed on a the oven in a wok using some Liquid Aminos soy sauce by Bragg’s

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