Apple Cider Vinegar and Aztec Healing Clay Mask DIY

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If you’re looking for a natural, at home facial mask to help deep clean your skin, look no further. I had recently ordered, after many rave reviews online, the Betonite Indian Healing Clay made by Aztec Secret. I was seeing so many great write ups on how it worked on break outs, as well as getting rid of the dirt and impurities after lots of makeup wearing. I have made a few different at home masks before, but for some reason I was intrigued to really try this one out. For those who are just new to my blog, or never read any of my skin care posts before, my skin type is combination, oily and occasionally I break out around that lovely “TOTM” (you ladies get me). I don’t wear a ton of makeup daily but I do wear some to make sure I am presentable at work…and I rarely wear very heavy foundation unless it’s a night out. My skin will get oily by the end of the day so a weekly face mask really seems to help me clean the slate if you will and remove any of the gunk left on from the week of torment we do to our skin.


The container itself costs under $10 and will likely get you a dozen mask treatments. This is a great bargain and definitely less expensive than going for a deep cleansing treatment at a spa or salon. The betonite indian healing clay is a powder and to create the masks you will need a non metal bowl and either apple cider vinegar or water.

To make the mask you will use equal parts clay powder and equal parts apple cider vinegar or water. For my skin I decided to use 3 spoonfuls of the power, 2 spoonfuls of the apple cider vinegar and 2 spoonfuls of water. I wanted to water down the mixture a bit as sometimes I tend to get a bit red using just apple cider vinegar alone on my skin. If you do have sensitive skin I would suggest to dilute the mixture with a bit of water as well.


When I did this treatment I first mixed my clay and then let it sit so it can get nice and pasty. It should not be too watery but it should also not be very runny either. While I let that sit in its bowl, grab your favorite face wash or cleansing cloth to remove all traces of makeup from your skin. You will want your face to be as clean as possible so the clay can penetrate deep into your pores without having the cut through the makeup.


I like to use the Simple Organics Cleansing Facial Cloths that are also exfoliating. These wipes really remove a ton of makeup and other grim from your face, and sometimes I use these even after washing my face and they still pull some makeup off. (My current nightly makeup cleanser/scrubs are Derma E Exfoliating Scrub and Peter Lamas Pumpkin Exfoliating Facial Scrub)


Once I remove all of my makeup the clay is ready to apply. Using just your fingers grab the paste and apply it all over the face in small sections, really working it into the skin. You do not want to rub it in, just apply in small strokes avoiding the lip, mouth and delicate eye areas. I like to do two layers of the clay and it will feel cool and refreshing as you apply it.


Leave it on for 10-15 minutes for normal skin, 5-10 for sensitive skin, I leave it on for around 15 and usually just keep it on while I take a hot bath to kill the time. Once it starts to harder you will see the change in the color of the clay and you will also feel a “pulling” sensation – this is normal! It almost feels like the mask is pulling all the oils and impurities right out of the pores! For me I love this feeling since it triggers to me it is working or doing something.

_MG_3327Once the mask is hard it will be difficult to move your face and it will crack and that’s when you know it is time to wash it off. Using just warm water rinse the mask off completely, making sure to get all of the paste/clay off. Once that is complete, pat your face dry with a towel and allow to rest. Your skin may, and usually will, have some redness to it after it is removed, again that’s completely normal. After about 15 minutes it should calm down and then you are free to apply your favorite night time moisturizing cream. Right now for me I use the Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream Treatment which feels delightful after the mask!


People call Betonite Healing Clay “The World’s Most Powerful Facial” and I would surely agree it is amazing. I like it so much I do it every weekend now as a treat for my skin to start fresh each week. The apple cider vinergar also helps to remove any dirt and oil and acts as a great toner for the skin. These two combined are a great duo for your weekly skin care regiment.


If you test this out make sure to leave in the comments below what you thought of it! Would love to hear how it works for you as well :) As someone who is always looking for ways to clear my skin and also try to remain “youthful” (hey I’m not in my 20’s anymore, sigh)… I will always be on the pursuit of natural remedies to share with my readers <3

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