Aruba Honeymoon is Now Officially Booked

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Aruba Honeymoon Trip – Guidance and Tips on Booking

As many of my readers know I am in knee deep in wedding planning currently. There always seems to be a new list of items “to do” that keeps growing and growing. The last two weeks have been focused on booking our honeymoon travel including hotel and flights. We decided to take our honeymoon in Aruba and couldn’t be more excited. We have both never been to Aruba before, however, every single person we have talked to who has been to this island has nothing but amazing things to say about it. For me, the biggest indicator of a great trip, is when someone tells you they would go back again and again. I know for me personally there are some places I have been where, yes it was a great time, it’s not a place I would want to visit again. Aruba seems to be one of those places that everyone has an amazing experience at so we decided we will spend our honeymoon there.

A few things that we were looking for when considering where we would book our honeymoon:

1. we wanted somewhere that was hot with amazing, consistent weather

2. a place where the food was awesome, we are big food buffs so we wanted to go somewhere that had great restaurants

3. we wanted to go somewhere that had a good amount of options for relaxation and fun

4. we wanted to have the options to do day trips, excursions as well as just spa days and relaxing

5. a place we had both never been

6. somewhere that we would feel safe and had a great reputation

Where should you stay in Aruba?

We booked our hotel through Expedia and got a great rate. We decided to stay at the Marriot Resort & Stellaris Casino. Everyone we talked to said to either stay at the Hyatt or the Marriot in Aruba, and after careful viewing of both resorts we went with the Marriot. It seems to have bigger rooms and is still close to the center of the beach, plus you really can’t go wrong with either one but we decided on the Marriot from reviews from friends and online.

We booked our airfare first, which we did through and did a direct flight. We picked our flights to leave early and arrive at check in time so that we didn’t have to wait around to check in. We also picked a flight home that would get us back in the US at a reasonable hour. We chose 7 nights and 8 days which we felt was the perfect amount of time for a honeymoon. We decided to leave on the Tuesday after our wedding, which is a great piece of advice. Make sure to leave at least one business day in between your wedding day and your honeymoon to go to the bank and tie up any lose ends. At first we wanted to get out of town asap on that Monday but we decided to wait until Tuesday to get on a plane.

Don’t change your last name legally until you return from your honeymoon

While you may be excited to put your new last name on your airline tickets, don’t! I actually booked my flights and thought that “well at the time we leave my last name will be different”, yes in theory but not legally. It can take up to 8 weeks to get a new passport and you usually only get your wedding license a month before your wedding. There was no way I wanted to deal with the stress of not having my license, passport and airline ticket all matching and causing us to stay grounded. I knew there would not be enough time to get my name changed on all legal documents and identification, so I am going to wait until we return from Aruba to start the process of changing my last name. You might be super excited to get rid of your current last name, but you don’t want it to ruin your honeymoon by not being able to get on your flight - Best Rate Gauranteed.

If you are still deciding where to go on your honeymoon, just make sure it’s a place you and your fiance both want to go to. Make sure it is aligned with your personality and desires for the trip. Originally we wanted to go to Italy, then we realized we wanted our honeymoon to be more relaxing and laid back than going out for full day site seeing and walking around. We will get to Italy one day soon though, but for our honeymoon we are looking forward to sun, fun and some romantic time at the beach!

Where did you go on your honeymoon? Any tips to share?

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