At home core body training routine with bosu, medicine ball and light weights

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Effective exercises you can do at home with just a few pieces of gym equipment

Not everyone has access to a fancy gym or the time to get to one. Life is hectic, with work and kids and family and friends – so it’s important to make time for your health and fitness where you can, when you can, with WHAT you can. Below is an example of a non-lifting day routine I do instead of doing straight up cardio days. I prefer to spend my time doing a combination of some total body circuit training with exercises that will get my heart rate up for calorie burn. Plyometric work for me consists of a lot of ball exercises that focus on my legs, core and back/shoulders like the examples you will see below. What’s great about a routine like this is that within 45 minutes I have already burned about 300 calories since it is a constant circuit of exercises that engages the entire body as well as my heart rate. In order to calculate my heart rate I always wear my Polar FT7 heart rate monitor watch, which will tell me at the end how many calories I have burned.


For this total body workout you will need a few pieces of at home gym equipment. If you don’t have them yet, it’s okay, you can find alternatives in the mean time until you order them or just do the exercise on the floor without some of the items.

For this particular routine I used the following items:

– a bosu ball – link

– a soft medicine ball (10lbs) – link

– a 10 lb weighted grip plate (can be substituted with a dumb bell) – link

– a balance ball – link

* tank top provided by Beast Sports Nutrition company*

“Withing every beauty lies a beast!”


When I do this circuit I do this in sets (super sets). This allows me to challenge my body with various parts working and keeping my heart rate up which gets me sweating and out of breath. I love that feeling and it’s so much more fun than just running on a treadmill for a half hour.


Set 1: Squat Ball Slams, Alternating plank/knee taps

Set 2: Cross Overs on the bosu ball, bosu ball push ups (alternating), 10lb plate standing to crunches

Set 3: balance ball basic crunch, swiss ball crunch, plank knee tucks


Alternating push ups on a bosu ball are a great back and shoulder and chest exercise. I do 6 of these for 3 sets. Push ups are not easy so if you can’t do them, find a moderation and do them on your knees instead.


The above exercise is one I found on Instagram and is one I had not done before with a bosu ball, but have done on a flat floor. You start with the weight above your head and the bosu ball about 1/2 foot behind you. With feet shoulders apart, toes slightly pointed out, lower down with your but right in front of the bosu ball and then lean back with arms behind head (works your triceps) then cruch up into a squat and push up through your heels. I do 10 of these for 3 sets and it works EVERYTHING!


Plant knee tucks on a balance ball is my favorite and most challenging abdominal exercise. It is great because you are engaging a ton of muscles to remain stable in the plank position off the ground (arms, shoulders, back) and then you roll your knees up until your heel hits your butt. You do this 10 times for 3 sets. You will feel yourself fatigue at the end, they are challenging but rewarding!

I love doing squat ball slams as they really help you to learn proper squat form. The 10 pound ball also works your shoulders and back as you raise them up above your head. You start with the ball between your legs with your butt back, spine neutral and your chest up. Drive up through your heels up and raise the ball above your head. Squat down and repeat 20 times for 3 sets.


Let me know if you try this circuit out and what you think. I also post a ton of my exercises as short video clips on my Vine channel so feel free to check it out

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