Basic Healthy Meal Prep Sunday Grill Ideas

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One of the most basic meal prep meals you can make


If you are looking for a “go to” healthy, well balanced meal to make sure you get your healthy carbs for energy, protein for lean muscle and veggies for fiber then look no further. The most basic meal that I make that gets all of my macros in is as follows:

Lean Grilled Chicken Breast marinated with extra virgin coconut oil or olive oil (for healthy fats)

Grilled asparagus spears for fiber and greens

Baked sweet potatoe for healthy carbs for energy

Those 3 foods together are a very very basic meal prep dinner or lunch option!


I also like to alternate with various other healthy lean meats and fish. The meats I eat the most often are:

Wild caught Alaskan salmon

Lean all natural chicken breasts

Lean turkey burgers (all natural and antibiotic free)

I take all of these to the grill at my complex where I live and make it all so that I have a variety of protein to choose from for my meal prep.

The Corona Light? Well sometimes a girl needs an adult beverage now doesn’t she :)


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