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“Within every Beauty lies a BEAST”


I love this quote, it makes me feel powerful every time I see it and every time I put in on before my workout. What you wear to the gym can seriously impact how you feel and approach your workout. Why do you think so many fitness companies are making motivational tank tops and t-shirts? Seeing a message that inspires you really helps you to push yourself just a bit harder in the gym or during your work out. Beast Sports has an amazing line of fitness apparel for both men and women that I suggest you check out – click here.


Their team sent me along a iPhone cell phone case and a tank top for my workouts. It was so fun to wear both of these into the gym to work out. The tank top is super soft and breathable and is longer than most tank tops which I prefer to wear. The cell phone case also is made of a rubber type material so many times I put my cell phone in my sports bra during lifting and this way it doesn’t get all sweaty.

(null)It also doesn’t hurt that blue and black are some of my favorite colors to wear to the gym. If I’m having a blah day I like to wear a bright color to the gym to lift my spirit and mood. My blue Nike’s were the perfect match for this outfit and I wound up having a great workout in this outfit, thanks to Beast Sports for my awesome swag!


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