Happy Holidays to You and Yours!

Happy Holidays & Merry ChristmasHere we are in the midst of the holidays, finished with all of our handmade gifts (maybe!) and getting ready for a new year.? This time of year I like to remember all of the things that I am grateful for, and hope that wherever you are in life, you too can think of something to be grateful for as well.? If you get my newsletter, it echoed the same sentiment. In addition to so many things, I’m?thankful for each of you and the privilege of being able to enjoy and share the hobbies that I love!Cave Exploring-2My family will be spending a quiet Christmas at home this year, which I am actually pretty excited about.? I can’t wait to see my daughter run down the stairs to look beneath the tree to see what Santa has left for her.Honestly, I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to pull off this Santa thing – the smarty is already asking way too many hard questions about him. She even told me that the last Santa she saw wasn’t the real one and he had “bad breath”. Oh my!DSC_4985As usual, I’ve got lots of ideas swirling and twirling for new patterns and posts in the new year. So goes the life of the yarn and craft obsessed.? As soon as one project is started, we’re already dreaming of another pattern or project to start next (or simultaneously). Am I right?!Yarn Picture at CabinMay each person who you’ve made something for this holiday season appreciate the time, money, effort and love that went into their gift.? You should be proud of the wonderful creations that you have made for family and friends. So be proud!Krakow Trip 2015Krakow, Poland 2015MY LATEST VIDEOS

From this this “mama in a stitch’s” family to yours…


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