How To Knit (If You Crochet)

31K SharesHi friends! Since I share both knitting and crochet patterns here on the blog, I have a lot of requests to teach folks how to knit (or crochet). Inevitably, when I post a crochet project, I have requests for a knit version and vice versa. I?love it – so much yarn creativity out there! Today I thought I’d share a quick video on the way that I knit. There are many ways that people like to knit, but this version is easiest for me and I believe it’s the easiest version for crocheters to learn.

See my Video Tutorial HERE:Click the image to see the video tutorialThe style that I use is called “Continental Knitting”. ?The manner in which you hold the yarn is very similar to the way you might hold it for crochet, so for me, it was easier to learn and made more sense than English style. ?I don’t think one is any better than the other. I truly believe that you should do what works for YOU. Maybe you’ll despise the way that I do it, and that’s fine! Search around YouTube and see what clicks for you. ?Continental style “clicked” for me, so that is what I’m showing you today.MY LATEST VIDEOSSee how I’m holding the yarn much like you might hold it for crochet?I learned to knit from YouTube videos. Funny story – First I tried to learn to knit from a book. ?If you learned from a book, I want to tell you that I believe that you’re a straight up genius! It was impossible for me to figure out how to do it without seeing it done with my own eyes. ?YouTube was great because I could watch a zillion different videos and find one that worked for me. ?In fact, after trying to learn from the book, I almost gave up on yarn crafts completely. ?Before I gave up, I stumbled upon a “How To Crochet” video and learned crochet. It honestly had not crossed my mind to look to YouTube in order to learn to knit. It was like a whole new world to me!Knitting for Crocheters 101Step 1 Pick a yarn and needles that match (read the label on your yarn to see what size needles to use)Step 2 Cast On Your Stitches (see the video on how to cast on to your knitting needles)Step 3 Knit across the row (see the video as I use Continental Style knitting to knit across the row)Step 4 Continue knitting for as many rows as you’d likeStep 5 Cast off ( I don’t show this step in this video)That’s all there is to it! As with any new skill, it takes some practice. ?You’ll find that just as with crochet, you have to practice getting the right tension for each stitch. ?Today, I’ve just showed you the knit stitch but soon you’ll learn to purl! Then you’ll be able to make stockinette stitch which is that beautiful flat fabric that you see on most sweaters.Are you a knitter? What advice would you give to someone who is just learning? ?Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!Happy knitting and crocheting to you!XOJessicaSharePinTweetShare

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