How To Knit A Simple Cable

22K Sharesdsc_5538Hi my friends!Today I??d like to share with you how to knit a simple cable. I wrote this post several months ago for I Like Knitting Magazine’s blog and thought that some of you may find it useful. ?Cables were always intimidating to me?until I finally tried them out and realized how easy they are to complete. Cables are classic, yet they have also become oh so very trendy! You can find them on everything from knitwear to blankets. ?I especially enjoyed making them on my Endless Cables Knit Blanket!Endless Cables Super Chunky ThrowEndless Cables Super Chunky Throw Pattern – See how cables are so fun and pretty?! This?blanket is made with very simple cables.MY LATEST VIDEOSThe knit cable that I will show you today is a simple 8 stitch left twist cable. By simply using knit and purl stitches, and learning how to make a cable row, you can enjoy making patterns with cables.You will need:Yarn (I??ve used Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick Super Bulky)Knitting Needles (I??ve used US Size 15 Knitting Needles)Cable Needle (you can see it pictured below)How to Make a Simple 8 Stitch Cable:**You can see how to do it with this picture tutorial, but you can also found the written pattern below.dsc_5529I’ve knit cast on 12 stitches. I will work a few rows (as seen in the pattern below) and then do my cable row.dsc_5531I’ve placed my stitch markers 2 stitches in, with 8 stitches inside the place markers (these 8 stitches will make up my cable).dsc_5532Knitting my next row, I will now prepare to make my cable row as I??ve reached my stitch marker.Slide off the first four stitches of the cable section onto the cable needle.dsc_5532dsc_5533With the four stitches held in front on the cable needle, knit the following four from your knitting needle just as you normally would.dsc_5534Now slide the stitches from your cable needle back onto your knitting needle. (Some people knit them right off of the cable needle. That??s fine too!)dsc_5535Now knit those four stitches just as normal off of your needle.dsc_5536Finish your row. Congrats, you’ve finished your cable row! The rest is easy.dsc_5537Continue the pattern. This one has 9 rows of stockinette between each cable row.dsc_5538Make another cable row as the pattern calls for. You can see that youre forming a beautiful cable! Its that simple!Abbreviations:K  knitP  purl4/4 LC  this means the left stitch cable. Slide 4 stitches onto cable needle, hold in front, and knit the next four off of your knitting needle, then knit four off of your cable needle or slide them back onto original needle to knit from there.Pattern for this 8 Stitch Cable with Left Twist:Knit cast on 12 stitchesRow 1 Knit across (Place stitch markers two stitches in on both sides)Row 2 K2, p8, k2Row 3 & 4 Repeat rows 1 & 2Row 5 K2, 4/4 LC, k2Row 6 K2, p8, k2Row 7 Knit across rowRow 8 & 9 Repeat row 6 & 7Row 10 & 11 Repeat row 6 & 7Row 12 & 13 Repeat row 6 & 7Row 14 Repeat row 6Row 15 K2, 4/4 LC, k2Repeat rows 6 -15 as many times as youd like to make your cable longer.Cables look complex, but they are quite easy, dont you think? I hope that you can enjoy making cables in some of your knitting projects!Feel free to share your projects with me on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram @mamainastitch!how-to-knit-a-cableSharePinTweetShare

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