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Crochet Baskets Pattern Mama In A Stitch Guest PostSeveral months ago, I shared this?crochet pattern for some simple baskets for Stitch & Unwind’s Blog that make for an easy summer project. ? Right now, I am using these baskets?in my daughter’s bathroom to hold her barrettes and little pony tail hair bands (which are literally everywhere, but these do help a little bit!). ? I think the small basket in particular would be great to keep next to the kitchen sink to throw rings or jewelry in when you’re doing dishes or cooking. ?They would also be great in my bathroom to place my jewelry into?rather than just?tossing?it about on the counter (yes, I tend to do that).Crochet Baskets for SAUMY LATEST VIDEOSQuite frankly, the smaller?basket is so very simple that I almost hesitated to call it a pattern. But simple is what I like best, so here’s to the easiest basket you’ve ever made! ?Like so many knit and crochet projects, what’s neat about these is that you can change up the colors to match your home decor.Crochet Baskets MIAS for SAUIf I made these again, I might try to make them with an even smaller hook. ?They are nice and soft, but not quite as stiff as some cotton baskets that I’ve made in the past. ?Maybe it’s the type of yarn as well? I do like them as is, but it would be fun to see if you could get them a bit firmer.So here we go….Notes:You should be comfortable with single crochet, sc in front loop only, crocheting in the round and basiccolor changes. If you??ve got those skills down, you are good to go with these baskets! Large basketmeasures approximately 5?? wide (diameter), 3?? tall. Small basket is approximately 3.5?? wide and 2?? tall.You will need:Size J 6.0 Crochet Hook (Note: if I made these again, I’d try with a smaller hook)Super Bulky Yarn _ I used Lion Brand Hometown USA in Houston Cream (white) and Phoenix Azalea (pink)ScissorsTapestry Needle to weave in endsDSC_5515 DSC_5516 DSC_5517DSC_5511Easy Crochet Baskets Pattern:Small Basket Crochet Pattern (easier of the two baskets)With your size J crochet hook, chain 3Round 1 Sc 6 times into second chain from hook (mark your rounds if needed)Round 2?Sc 2 times into each sc around (12 stitches)Round 3?*Sc 2 times into 1st sc, sc into next sc* Repeat around (18 stitches)Round 4?*Sc 2 times into 1st sc, sc, sc* Repeat around (24 stitches)Round 5?*Sc 2 times into 1st sc, sc, sc, sc* Repeat around (30 stitches)Round 6?Sc aroundRound 7? until basket reaches 1 3/4 inches  2 tall, sc in continuous rounds ( no need to slip stitch to join)Final Round  Change color to pink, sc around, slip stitch to join, tie off and weave in ends.Large Basket Crochet PatternWith your size J crochet hook and white yarn, chain 3Round 1 Sc 6 into second chain from hook (place a stitch marker to mark the end of your round if you prefer  work in continuous rounds. No need to slip stitch to join)Round 2 Sc 2 into each stitch around (12 stitches total)Round 3 *Sc 2, sc 1* Repeat from * to * around (18 stitches total)Round 4 *Sc 2, sc 1, sc1* Repeat around (24 stitches total)Round 5 * Sc 2, sc 1, sc1, sc1* Repeat around (30 stitches)Round 6 * Sc 2, sc 1, sc1, sc1, sc1* Repeat around (36 stitches)Round 7 *Sc 2, sc 1, sc1, sc1, sc1, sc1* Repeat around (42 stitches)Slip stitch in next stitch to joinSides of BasketRound 1 With same yarn, sc in front loop only aroundRound 2 _ until basket reaches 1.5 inches tall – work single crochet in continuous roundsNext Round (Once basket is 1.5 inches tall) -Change color to pink – Sc in 1st stitch, *chain 1, skip stitch, sc in next stitch* (In other words, make a single crochet, then chain one, skip a stitch below and single crochet into the next stitch – repeat this around)Next Round – Change color back to white, sc 2 times into each CHAIN stitch around ( you are only working into the chain stitches below and single crocheting 2 times into each chain. Skip the single crochet stitches and ONLY work into the chain stitches)Next Round and until basket reaches ?? 2 _ ?? inches tall TOTAL _ single crochet in continuous roundsOnce entire basket measures approximately 2 _ ?? to 3?? tall, skip stitch, slip stitch to join, tie off and weave in all ends.Free Crochet Pattern BasketsHave you knit or crocheted?baskets before?I hope you’ve enjoyed these today.Xo,JessicaSharePinTweetShare

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