Life Changing Winter Travel Spots

Thinking about your winter travel destination? Looking for a place that is sure to be a life changing experience? Think: igloos, mountain sleigh rides, glowing castles, and even ice swimming. These 11 Winter Travel Spots are not only gorgeous, they?are?real, and you can go there with a little bit of planning. Here are The 11 Best Life Changing Winter Travel Spots:

11 Cappadocia – Turkey Holidays to Turkey
10 Igloo Village Kakslauttanen-Finland The Inflow
9 Mont Blanc Night Skiing – France Fine Art America
8 Budapest, Hungary Varosban
7 Snowy Rothenburg – Bavaria, Germany ImgFave
6 Bern – Switzerland The Meta Picture
5 Hallstatt – Austria TravelTop.Net
4 Steamboat Springs, Colorado Flickr
3 Cinderella Castle – Disney World Disney Tourist Blog
2 Lake Tahoe – California Tahoe South
1 Go Ice Swimming – Finland Visit Rovaniemi

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