Mod Mesh Honey Blanket Sweater

70K Shareseasy-crochet-sweater-pattern-shrug-mod-blanket-sweaterI’m so excited to share this blanket sweater with you today for a few reasons! ?It’s so very easy and I’ve even made some stitch tutorials including?a video (gasp!) to help you make it. ?First, this sweater is the start to a series of blanket sweaters that I plan to share in the coming months! I’ve had so much fun crocheting and knitting my past blanket sweaters and I’d like to make a few more designs to share with you. ?Many of you have asked me how to make the sweaters which I previously posted with worsted weight yarn rather than the chunky yarn.?Today, I’m finally posting a sweater pattern with worsted weight yarn. Not only did I want to make it for those of you who want to use the size four yarn, but it only makes sense to come up with a lighter sweater as spring approaches. Lastly, one of my favorite pieces that I created last summer was my Summer Vacation Knit Top. This knit top was the inspiration for this blanket sweater as I loved the color as well as the look of the mesh combined with simple stitch patterns. So here we go, a light blanket sweater, airier and fairer, but still long enough to cover the tushy! He he! __MY LATEST VIDEOS(Note: while this is a one size fits many, it will fit as pictured on a XS – S)easy-crochet-sweater-pattern-shrugeasy-crochet-sweater-pattern-shrug-mod-sweaterbeautiful-crocheted-sweater-shrug-patternThe mix of textures really make the stitch work pop, don’t you think?easy-crochet-sweater-pattern-shrug-mod-shrugsI think it’s great for winter or summer. I’ll put a long sleeve on underneath for winter and plan to wear a tank or t-shirt under it during the summer.What else do I like about this particular blanket sweater?

    It’s super comfortable and light weight. My other sweaters have been very cozy, but much warmer and chunkier making them a bit heavier. This is like wearing a breeze. __It works up FAST!It uses less than 3 skeins of yarn which makes it really affordable. The hubs always likes an affordable project which scores me brownie points at home.

If you want to make one, read on….. ?__Explanation:**It is necessary to block this sweater for the shape to be correct. The stitch is a nice, open mesh, but it will pucker. By blocking it, you can get the blanket to lay flat. ?The other option is to make this with the “two stitch small mesh” that I show you in the video tutorial that you may click on below.This medium weight blanket sweater is perfect for wearing on a night on the town or for going out to coffee with friends! The beautiful open mesh is super easy to create and can easily be dressed up or down. Wear a tank or t-shirt underneath it during summer, or a long sleeve shirt with it in the winter.? Using a variety of very simple stitches you??ll make eye catching textures and a comfortable, lightweight top at the same time. Enjoy!Don’t forget to check out my two stitch tutorials for this pattern! The Mesh Stitch Tutorial can be found HERE and The Granite Stitch Tutorial is to crochet the granite or moss stitch tutorialMeasurements: As written, this pattern fits XS – M. I hope to make tops with various sizes in the future.Some of you might be able to? figure out adding some extra length and width to fit a large or xl, etc.? Adjustments may be made by creating a longer chain and crocheting for more rows. Gauge is listed below.When flat on the floor (after blocking and as pictured below for seaming), the shrug measures 32 inches from end of sleeve to end of sleeve. ?It measures approximately 29 inches from top of shrug to bottom of shrug?(It stretches slightly downward when worn).You will need:US Size J 6.0mm Crochet Hook3 skeins of Lion Brand Heartland in Acadia (Worsted Size 4 yarn – 142 grams and 251 yards/skein) This sweater uses 318 grams of yarnScissorsTapestry needle to weave in endsAbove Amazon suggestions are affiliate links – thank you!Gauge:Gauge is just over 2 3/4 stitches per inchSkills & Abbreviations:ch – chainsc- single crochetsl st  slip stitchsk st – skip stitchNotes and Tips:The blanket sweater is created with three different stitch patterns. You will use single crochet, the moss stitch or granite stitch and a simple mesh stitch.? They each use variations of single crochet and chain stitches.The gauge on the moss/granite stitch portion of the pattern may be tighter than your gauge on the mesh stitch portion. Crochet loosely for the mesh stitch portion.? Also, it may be necessary to block your finished sweater to make up for difference in gauge.? I simply made my sweater damp, shaped it nicely, laid it on the floor and placed a couple of heavy items along the sides to hold them down.? Please block before seaming the sleeves.? There are many methods and ways to block your projects, so use what works best for you. It is necessary to block this for the shape to be correct.Also, find the picture tutorial for the moss/granite stitch below if you need more help with the pattern! You can find a video tutorial that I made for the for the mesh portion by using this link: Mesh Stitch Video Used for This Pattern:How To Crochet The Mesh Stitch VideoThe blanket sweater is worked from the top down.Pattern:Collar Mesh Textured Portion:Ch 93Row 1 ?Sc across row, ch 3, turn (92 stitches)Row 2 ?slip stitch in fifth stitch from hook (in other words, skip the first stitch of the foundation row), *ch 3, sk st, slip stitch into next stitch; repeat from * across to last stitch. Ch 3, turn. (46 sets of ch 3 stitches total)Row 3 sl st into 1st group of ch 3 stitches below, *ch 3, sl st into next group of ch 3 stitches below. Ch 3, turn. Repeat from * across (46 sets of ch 3 stitches in row)Row 4 _ 5 ?Repeat row 3Row 6 Repeat row 3, ch 1, turnRow 7 Sc 2 times in each ch 3 group across the row, ch 1, turn. (92 stitches)Row 8 sc in each st across (92 stitches), ch 1, turnRow 9-10 repeat row 8Moss/Granite Stitch Portion (also see picture tutorial):Row 11 Sc in second stitch from hook, *ch 1, skip stitch below, sc in next stitch. Repeat from * across row, make an sc in last stitch of row. Ch 1, turn. (92 stitches across)Row 12 Sc in second stitch from hook, *ch 1, sk st below, sc in next ch 1 space below. Repeat from * across row, make an sc in the last stitch of row. Ch 1, turn.Repeat row 12 for 18 rows or until you have created approximately 5 ?  inches of moss/granite stitch.Once you have finished the moss stitch portion, you will move onto the largest part of the blanket sweater, the final mesh portion.Final Mesh Portion:(For this portion of the pattern, you will work the same mesh stitch pattern as in the Collar Portion. You will be chaining three, skipping a stitch, then slip stitching into the following stitch. Once you finish the first row of mesh, you will work into the chain three space below as you work across the row. Please see my video tutorial here for more help with this stitch at this link: How To Crochet Easy Mesh Video)Row 1: Sc across, ch 3, turn. (92 stitches)Row 2: slip stitch in fifth stitch from hook (in other words, skip the first stitch of the foundation row), *ch 3, sk st, slip stitch into next stitch; repeat from * across to last stitch. Ch 3, turn.Row 3 sl st into 1st group of ch 3 stitches below, *ch 3, sl st into next group of ch 3 stitches below. Repeat from * across. Ch 3, turn.Repeat row 3 until you have madee approximately 20.5?? inches of final mesh stitch or approximately 53 rows of mesh.Finish by making two rows of single crochet stitches. (Place two single crochet stitches in each group of chain 3 stitches for the first row, followed with single crocheting across the second row)Tie off and weave in all ends.Block to shape. This is necessary to make the mesh stitches match with the granite stitch portion.Assembly and finishing:Place piece flat on the ground lengthwise like a hot dog. Fold in sides as pictured below. Attach yarn to the end of sleeve and seam with a slip stitch, 5.5″ inches in on each side. ?I only grabbed one “leg” of each stitch from both sides to create?less bulk at the seam. ?I imagine that a whip stitch could work well here too if you prefer. The fabric is reversible, but seam on the wrong side of the sweater so that you will turn it inside out after seaming. ?Tie off and weave in ends.dsc_5945Lay your blanket sweater out flatdsc_5946Fold in your corners and prepare to seam for the armsdsc_5947Seam the sweater on both sides, leaving holes for your armsdsc_5948Above: You can see how it was laid out flat and folded in at the corners to make the sleeves. You will make a slip stitch seam from the inner portion of the sweater toward the pointed ends of the outer sleeve. Seam approximately 5.5?? inches in on both sides. Turn sweater right side out.beautiful-crocheted-sweater-shrug-patterneasy-crocheted-sweater-free-pattern-tutorialeasy-knit-blanket-sweater-6Here’s the super chunky knit versionlion-brand-scarfie-easy-blanket-sweater-pattern-grey-3Light Frost Crochet Striped VersionCrochet Blanket Cacoon Pattern 2My first blanket sweater that’s chunky and cozyI sure hope that you enjoyed this blanket sweater! If you like this, you might also like my chunkier versions including the Easy Blanket Sweater, The Light Frost Crocheted Blanket Sweater and the Knit Version as well! Also, if you love the look of the moss/granite stitch, you might also love Stephanie from All About Ami’s Granite Cape!Have a great day friends and happiest crocheting to you!XOJessicacrochet-sweater-free-pattern-easy-tutorialSharePinTweetShare

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