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5K SharesIt’s been a lot of fun to use drop stitches in a few knitting projects over the last couple of years and I recently became curious about whether it was possible to get the same look with crochet. Sure enough after a simple google search, there IS a such a thing as a drop stitch in crochet! After trying out a few swatches with the drop stitch, it seemed like the perfect feature to include in a new blanket sweater type pattern.? Hence, this beginner friendly Pretty Drop Stitch Crochet Cardigan!? You can scroll down to see the free pattern below as well as a photo tutorial and links to my drop stitch video tutorial OR you can choose to purchase the ad-free printable version from my Etsy shop here.Now, you’re probably saying, “How can the drop stitch be beginner friendly?”? While the drop stitch is super easy, it isn’t for a complete beginner. However, if you have a good grasp on basic crochet stitches, you won’t have any trouble making the drop stitches.? If you’re a true beginner and just know how to half double crochet and single crochet, you can make this sweater but don’t do the drop stitch rows.? You’ll still have an awesome sweater that is simple as can be!MY LATEST VIDEOSI love this crocheted sweater because it’s big, comfy and it’s made with my all time favorite color. The light color really highlights the drop stitches and it shows off the stitches throughout the sweater.? The yarn itself is soft and drapes perfectly making it a fun and easy piece to wear.? And you guys, this cardigan is made just like the Blanket Sweaters that I’ve made (like this one or this one), only you add cuffs and a collar. So easy!I love Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease yarn as it looks and feels like high quality yarn to me.As you can see in the photo above, it is rather large on me! I like it this way. I did make this a one size pattern since it will fit many sizes. Lately I’ve had a lot of questions asking how big I am so folks know how to compare what it will look like on them vs. myself. I never thought I’d put this out on internetlandia, but for the sake of you knowing how this thing fits – I’m 5’6″ and about 105lbs. There!Pattern Description: A pretty, soft cardigan that drapes beautifully and is easy to crochet without any difficult shaping. The gorgeous drop stitches add a truly unique beauty to this shrug.Skill Level: Easy +Materials: US Size J 6.0 mm Crochet Hook7 skeins Lion Brand Wool Ease Yarn in Fisherman (85 g per skein) Pattern uses approximately 505 g (Pattern can be made with 6 skeins, however optional additional length requires 7th skein)US Size 35, 19.0mm Knitting Needle (for crocheted drop stitch work)ScissorsTapestry Needle to weave in endsStitch Markers (optional)You can find it all on Amazon here (affiliate):Or you can find this yarn on Lion Brand’s website hereGauge: Approximately 10.5 stitches and 9 rows per 4??Dimensions (approximate): One Size Fits Many (remember I’m a small 5’6″, thin person and am the one in the photos)Bust Circumference: 59??Length: 32??Sleeve Length: 30?? from upper mid back pointCross Back: 26??Abbreviations: ch _ chainhdc _ half double crochetsc _ single crochetsc blo _ single crochet through the back loop onlySpecial Stitch:Drop St (drop stitch):Hold knitting needle and yarn in one hand pointing needle at hand with hook, insert hook in stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop, ch 1, make the chain stitch large enough to stretch over the needle, place over the needle. (See my full drop stitch crochet tutorial and video HERE)Notes: This pattern is made by first crocheting a rectangle, then folding to seam to make the sleeves. You will then add a collar and sleeves separately. (If you are a beginner and find the drop stitches to be too difficult, you can simply skip the drop stitch sections and half double crochet your entire main rectangle)Pattern InstructionsCh 130Half Double Crochet SectionRow 1 Hdc in 3rd ch from hook and in each st across row (128)Row 2 Ch 2 (doesnt count as stitch), hdc in each st across row (128)Row 3  7 Repeat row 2Next you will work the Drop Stitch portion of the pattern.Drop Stitch SectionRow 8 Ch 1, make the loop long with hook and place on knitting needle (first drop stitch complete), sk 1st hdc, drop st in next hdc and in each hdc st across row (dont work into the beginning ch 2 as this doesnt count as a stitch). Remove knitting needle from the loops. (128 drop stitches)Row 9 Insert hook into first loop, yarn over and pull up a loop, ch 1, hdc in same loop, hdc in each loop across row, turn (128)Row 10 Ch 2, hdc in each st across row, do not turn. (128)Row 11 Repeat row 8Row 12 Repeat row 9Next, you will repeat the Half Double Crochet Section followed by the Drop Stitch Section.Repeat the two sections until youve completed four drop stitch sections total. Next, you will move onto the Final Upper Section.Final Upper SectionRow 1 Ch 2, hdc in each st across row (128)Row 2  12 Repeat row 1(Your piece should now measure approximately 32?? long. If you need to add more rows, you may do so now. You may also make your piece longer than indicated in the pattern. Feel free to pin the sleeves and try it on to ensure the length is where you??d like it to be).Assembly:Fold piece in half lengthwise and seam from the inner edge, outwards leaving approximately 3.75?? openings on either side for the wrists/arm.? The arms openings should fit comfortably but snuggly around the arm/wrist. Adjust opening size as necessary.Below: Crochet your rectangle following the pattern and seam as instructed.? This will make sleeves as shown when you open up the cardigan.Next, place your piece on a table or large area as pictured below and place stitch markers where the natural collar meets the bottom of the shirt. (see photo)These stitch markers will indicate where to place the ribbed collar. (Thank you to my friend ChiWei at One Dog Woof for the stitch markers!)Above: Place stitch markers at each of the lower corners where the collar meets the bottom _ then you will whip stitch the ribbed collar to the shrug starting and ending at these markers.Below: Notice how the ribbed collar is attached to the cardigan.Now we let??s move onto that collar!Ribbed CollarCh 13Row 1 Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each st across row (12)Row 2 Ch 1, turn, sc blo in each st across row (12)Repeat row 2 until piece is long enough to seam between the stitch markers on your cardigan. With a length of yarn and tapestry needle, whip stitch seam the collar to the inside of the cardigan between the stitch markers, working from one end to the next.Ribbed Sleeve CuffsCh 9Row 1 Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each st across row (8)Row 2 Ch 1, turn, sc blo in each st across row (8)Repeat this pattern until piece measure approximately 7 _ inches long or the length to comfortably fit around the wrist/arm. Tie off and whip stitch ends together. Weave in ends.Repeat above pattern to make second sleeve cuff.Whip stitch seam each cuff to the wrist/arm openings on your cardigan.Again, this is what it looks like once you’ve seamed the collar and cuffs to the cardigan:And don’t forget, if you need more help with the drop stitch, you can see the full tutorial HERE!Have you made any of my blanket sweaters and do you think you’d like to give this one a try? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Oh! And let me know if you’ve ever seen the crocheted drop stitch before. __XOJessicaIf you liked this, you might also like:Above: Cascading Kimono Crochet PatternAbove: Light Frost Blanket Sweater PatternSharePinTweetShare

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