‘Provence Gold Fleck Headband’ – Crochet Headband Pattern

2K SharesCrochet Easy Headband 2The other day I was wearing my knit headband (see the pattern here), and my hubs said something like, “that headband looks nice on you”. If you knew him,?you would know he is a?man of few?words. So when he dishes out a?compliment – it is a moment of wonder! __??Of course I then thought about how I could make another one – not just because he said it looked good, but because it’s a nice alternative to wearing a ball cap when I don’t do my hair (which seems like almost every day lately).Crochet Provence Crown Easy HeadbandTypically I make a headbands with the?usual yarn, which is great, but I really wanted one that looks like something I could buy at a boutique.? Hence the look of this “Provence Gold Fleck Headband”. Anthropologie has some beauties, but I can’t justify dishing out that kind of dough for a headband. This one cost me less than $2.00 for the “yarn”. The headband is so simple as it is just a bunch of circles connected with slip stitches. If you know how to crochet in the round, you won’t even have to do any counting. Just crochet up a bunch of round pieces, and slip stitch them together. Voila!Crochet Crown Headband PatternYou will need:1 Ball Red Heart Sizzle Number 2 Thread in Ivory/Gold ( I found at Wal-Mart)Size B Crochet HookScissorsTwo elastic hair bandsTapestry needle to weave in endsDSC_4180Red Heart Sizzle with goldMY LATEST VIDEOSHow to Make It – PatternRemember, you are simply crocheting a bunch of circular pieces and slip stitching togetherFor one circular piece:Chain 2Round 1 Make 6 single crochet into second chain from hook (on one of your single crochets, pull the tail through as well to tighten up and hold the center)Round 2 Make 2 single crochet in each stitch around ( total of 12 stitches around)Round 3 *Make 2 single crochet in first stitch, make 1 single crochet in next stitch* Repeat from * to * around(18 stitches around)Round 4 Make 2 single crochet in first stitch, make 1 single crochet in the next two stitches. Repeat this pattern around.?(24 stitches around)Tie off and weave in ends.You will make?9 or 10 of these for a?woman’s size.? Less or more for a smaller size, child or larger size.?Once you have?10 of these circular pieces, you will connect them with slip stitches.Connecting the pieces:Hold back sides of two pieces together, lining them upAttach yarn by pulling through and making a chain ( I pull through both the working yarn and tail to make it more secure)Slip stitch through the back loop of both pieces at the same time ( you are connecting them by crocheting them together)Slip stitch across four stitches, tie off securely and weave in ends.Elastic HairbandsTake your two hairbands and attach them together as pictured. The bands below are about 2.5 inches long when lay flat and held together.DSC_4181DSC_4182DSC_4183Now you will take each end of your crocheted headband and attach the piece to the elastic with a single crochet stitch.? Draw the thread around the elastic band and crochet, making five stitches.There’s your useful little headband to keep, or gift! I’m pretty sure any teenager would love to have this.Just another example of how crochet is so much more than the afghan from your couch in the 70’s. __Crochet Beautiful HeadbandIf you liked this feel free to subscribe to my free newsletter!SharePinTweetShare

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