Ten Reasons Knit and Crochet are the Best Hobbies

knitting and crochet best hobbiesMama In A StitchIt’s great to have any hobby that you are passionate about.? Whether you knit, paint, fish, play water polo, we?should do what we love, don’t you think??I?don’t?believe knit and crochet are truly “the best”, they are just the best for me at this time in my life. Maybe they are for you too!

    You Can Take?It With You ANYWHERE!? Really. Take it on a plane, a train, a bus, the park, the waiting room.? This is one hobby that really allows you to take it wherever you go.? On top of that, you feel productive as you create something. Watch TV and make something at the same time!It’s Good For Your Brain – there are a lot of studies that show knitting and crochet are great for your mind. Between counting stitches and using our creativity, this hobby helps us stay sharp.Create Something Useful – whether it’s a blanket, clothing, or a gift for a loved one. We make things that people use, and most often truly appreciate.It’s a Mood Lifter – many knitters and crocheters have said the hobby has helped them through depression and helped improve their mood.We Make Heirlooms – How many hobbyists can say this? There are some, but do you have anything from your great grandmother? There’s a good chance you have something that is knit or crochet.It’s Inexpensive – Okay,? we can and sometimes must spend a lot of money?and often?do,?but if you WANT, you can make small projects with an inexpensive ball of yarn and some hooks or needles.We Make Things for Charity – The number of organizations out there that accept and need crocheted and knitted items is astonishing.? People are out there doing their hobby and giving to these lovely charities.It’s Eco-Friendly – Our creations are meant to be used, and aren’t meant for the landfill.? In addition, it’s possible to buy organic yarns and yarns that come from ranches that are preserving our lands and supporting working families.Keeping Tradition Alive – Knit and crochet are old traditions full of history and culture. We are keeping that history alive.Connection?/ Community with?Other Yarn Hobbyists – Those that love the art of knit and crochet can relate with each other and often form communities or get together in order to share in the joy of knit and crochet. We love when we meet another person who loves (or is addicted) to yarn!

Now let’s go knit what we want to knit, crochet what we want to crochet, love the people we love and care for people who need care’n! Wouldn’t that be a lovely world?!?Did I miss anything on this list? Feel free to add to it, or chime in with your thoughts below! Why do you love knit and crochet?My upcoming post?will be an?easy little pattern for these crochet washcloths. Stay tuned! __Picot Cotton Crochet WashclothMY LATEST VIDEOSSharePinTweetShare

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