The Best Eleven Baby Keepsake Ideas

Being a mom you know how quickly baby’s first year of life goes by. They go through so many changes from first teeth, first words, first steps, and so many more milestones that it’s only natural to want to hold onto those memories. From keepsake boxes to hospital receiving blanket animals to footprint art here are The 11 Best Baby Keepsake Ideas to preserve those cherished memories.

11 Up & Away! Personalized Baby Keepsake Box Uncommon Goods
10 Hand Print Love Decor Etsy
9 Hospital Receiving Blanket Giraffe Etsy
8 Baby Clothes Quilt Etsy
7 Bunny Baby Memory Book Etsy
6 Personalized Keepsake Building Blocks Etsy
5 Boy Birth Details Subway Print Etsy
4 DIY Baby Shadow Boxes Smart School House
3 Baby’s First Brush & Comb Set Things Remembered
2 Handprint & Footprint Family Art Etsy
1 Baby Footprint Pendant Etsy

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