The Best Eleven Copper Pipe Projects

Copper pipe can be used in so many other unexpected ways besides waterways and drainage. You can make beautiful decor for your home. It’s easy to get your hands on and makes an inexpensive craft material. From plant stands to laptop tables, here are The 11 Best Copper Pipe Projects to make beautiful home decor.

11 DIY Copper Pipe Marble Plant Stand A Bubbly Life
10 DIY Copper Clothing Rack Darling Darleen
9 DIY Copper Curtain Rods By Gabriella
8 Copper Magazine Stand Zana
7 DIY Copper Geometric Pendant Lamp Design Milk
6 DIY Copper Wood Shelf Treasures & Travels
5 DIY Paper Towel Holder Remodelista
4 DIY Copper Lamp Little House on the Corner
3 DIY Copper Ladder A Beautiful Mess
2 DIY Copper Frames A Joyful Riot
1 DIY Copper Laptop Table House of Jade

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