The Best Eleven DIY Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are hot, hot, hot right now. They’re great for growing small plots of vegetables and flowers, provide good drainage, and keep bugs and snails out. Want to start a garden? Check out The 11 Best DIY Raised Garden Beds for lots of inspiring planting ideas.

11 How to Build a Raised Bed One Little Project
10 Raised Garden Bed from Old Terracotta Pipes Apartment Therapy
9 U-Shaped Raised Garden Bed My Daily Randomness
8 Corrugated Metal Raised Bed Garden Project Alicia
7 Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed Sunshine and Rainy Days
6 DIY Raised Bed Garden Fence The Kitchen Garten
5 DIY Planter Box from Pallets Foxy Folksy
4 DIY Raised Bed Garden and Trellis Emily A Clark
3 Lasagna Gardening: Layering a Raised Garden Bed Ugly Duckling House
2 Raised Bed Lettuce Table Savvy Gardening
1 Water Troughs As Raised Garden Beds Gardenista

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