The Best Eleven Fairy Garden Ideas

A fairy garden is a mini garden built specifically for little fairies! With structures, plants, decorations, and even lights, a fairy garden can come to life if enough thought and love is put into it. Want to start a fairy garden? Check out The 11 Best Fairy Garden Ideas for lots of inspiring items and planting ideas.

11 Rainbow Mushroom Fairy Garden Etsy
10 Teepee Fairy Garden Etsy
9 Fairy Garden in a Basket This, That and Everything in Between
8 Acorn Lantern Light Fairy Garden Etsy
7 Rustic Bucket Fairy Garden source unknown
6 Broken Pot Flower Garden The Whoot
5 Bird Bath Fairy Garden Curly Crafty Mom
4 Wheel Barrel Fairy Garden Faith Tap
3 Fairy Garden with Twinkle Lights Little Tudor On The Prairie
2 Bohemian Fairy Garden with a Hammock Etsy
1 Fairy Garden Kit in a Box Etsy

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