The Best Eleven Potato Stamp Crafts

Sometimes the best craft supplies are homemade ones. It doesn’t get much craftier than making a stamp out of food! You’ll be surprised by how many different shapes and patterns you can make from a potato. Grab a potato and some paint. You are going to love these 11 Best Potato Stamp Crafts!

11 DIY Potato Stamped Eye Print Pillow Mr. Kate
10 DIY Textile Printing Lovely Life
9 Custom Painted Curtains Not Just a Housewife
8 DIY Gauze Baby Blanket Tutorial This Little Miggy Stayed Home
7 How to Make a Cloud Potato Stamp Christinaa
6 Potato Stamp Gift Wrap Brit + Co.
5 DIY Watermelon Print Pillow Ekiem
4 Pineapple Napkin DIY Everythings Always Sunny
3 Potato Stamped Tote Bag Lu Loves Handmade
2 Chevron Potato Stamp Art Strawberry Chic
1 DIY Potato Stamped Cactus Tea Towel Say Yes

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