The Best Eleven Repurposed Garden Decor Ideas

Now that sunny days are here you’ll be spending a lot more time outdoors. It’s the perfect time to create an outdoor oasis. And, what better way to save a little money to diy your own garden decor than by repurposing. So, I’ve hooked you up with The 11 Best Repurposed Garden Decor Ideas. You’re going to love these projects, not only are they easy they’re inexpensive too!

11 Garden Trellis from Vintage Yard Tools Sadie Seasongoods
10 DIY Birdbath My Repurposed Life
9 Shower Caddy Vertical Planter Dazzle While Frazzled
8 Watering Can with Fairy Lights Smart School House
7 Solar Powered Chandelier Not Just Paper and Glue
6 DIY Candelabra from Upcycled Ceiling Fan Shades Redhead Can Decorate
5 How to Make Garden Art Dish Flowers Thrifty Rebel Vintage
4 Old Drawers into Porch Planters My Love 2 Create
3 How to Make Garden Art Flower Hose Guards Empress of Dirt
2 Repurpose Fan Blades to Dragonflies Saved by Love Creations
1 DIY Garden Decor The Navage Patch

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