Toddler ‘Cat’ Knit Hat Mommy & Me Pattern

Toddler Knitted Cat Hat PatternSo here’s the?child/toddler version of my “textured knit hat” to complete the “mommy and me hats”. __? You can see the mommy version here. My girl wanted ears on her hat, so I whipped the cat ears up really quickly and played around a bit to put them in the right place.? I’ve noticed that she is much more excited about things when she is involved in the decision making process.?__ ?She was definitely excited about this hat!There is a little bit of decreasing on the top of this hat, which is different than the other one. I wanted a little less bulk on the tippy top. You?can keep the slouchy look of the mommy hat if you prefer by NOT decreasing in the pattern and making the hat a bit taller than the pattern below.? I toyed around with the idea of putting a nose on it, but ultimately liked it plain. __Toddler Texture Stitch Cat PatternWe are going to miss days like this during the winter. I guess we will still try to get outside, just wearing a load of clothes, scarves and jackets!This pattern fits: 18 months – 3 years old**To make it a child size (3-8 years old) my best guess is to cast on an additional 6 stitches, so?65 stitches?.? Work the hat until it’s an additional 1.5 inches taller than the pattern gives.You will need:US Size 8, 16 inch circular knitting needles1 skein Lionbrand Woolspun Yarn or comparable chunky yarn (If you make the mommy hat, you can use up the rest of the second skein. Both hats together use two skeins total)ScissorsTapestry needle to weave in endsPattern:With your US Size 8 circulars, Cast on 59 stitchesRound 1 *K1, P1* Repeat from * to * aroundRound 2 until piece measures?7 inches tall – Repeat round 1Once entire piece reaches?6 and 3/4?inches tall, you will do a row of decreasing.? This is the part that is a little tough, but doable! It is also optional.?You may just have a little extra bulk on the top of the hat without it.Decrease Round (OPTIONAL):When you are about to make a knit stitch, instead, knit three together.( It’s a little tough to get that needle under three stitches, but it’s the only way I found to keep the pattern straight. ) Follow the knit 3 together with p, k, p, k3tog, p, k, p, k3tog and so on. Repeat the * k3tog, p,k,p* around FOR ONE ROUND ONLY.Final 2 RoundsRepeat Row 1 for 2 roundsTop of HatThread your tapestry needle with your yarn.? Feed the needle through the loops on the top of the hat. Pull tightly and tie off and weave in ends. See the pictures below.Mommy and Me Knit Hat Pattern PicHere is the hat before I added the ears.Here is how it looks as it’s being made….Lion Brand Wool Ease Knit Hat PatternMY LATEST VIDEOSJust like with the mommy version, it’s just a tube!Modern knit hat patternHere at the end I use the tapestry needle to pull the yarn through all the loops. Pull it tight, and tie off you make the top of the hat.? If there is any small hole left, simply make some straight stitches to stitch it closed.Knit Hat Free PatternThe Cat Ears:Unlike the hat, the ears are done in stockinette stitch. Make 4 of these ears. You will then whip stitch two together to form one ear. It makes them thicker and better at standing up on the hat. __You need:US Size 8 knitting needlesSame Chunky Yarn used to make hatPattern:Cast on 9 stitchesRow 1 Knit across rowRow 2 Purl across rowRow 3?knit 2 together,?knit across,?knit Last 2 together (7 left)Row?4?purl across rowRow?5?knit 2 together, knit across row,?knit 2 together (5 left)Row?6 purl across rowRow?7?knit 2 together,?knit across row,?knit 2 together (3 left)Row 8 purl 2 together, purl one 2 leftRow 9 knit 2 together, tie off weave in ends through tip of the earWhip stitch two of the ears together, with the stockinette stitches facing the outside. Do this for both sets of ears.Placement of Ears:Place ears 4 inches above the bottom of the hat, and the center of each ear should be set two inches from each side. Whip stitch the ears to the hat using your tapestry needle.That’s all there is too it!Mommy and Me Knit Hat PatternsLet me know if you have any feedback or questions as always.I’ve got a fun and?ridiculously easy?crochet project up next.?Of course, I went to the yarn store while baby was at pre-school just to “browse around” and couldn’t leave empty handed.? Please tell me some of you have this problem?! __You may also like:Knit Bunny Hat 5Knit Toddler Bunny HatSharePinTweetShare

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