Blush, ivory and white romantic wedding details for our big day

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If your wedding color palette includes blush pink, rose gold, ivory and cream I figured I would share my wedding day flower photos to share with you all to give you some inspiration. We made sure to tie those colors into everything we did; from our uplighting at the hall, to the color of the chairs, paper and invitations, decor items and candles – there was so much attention to detail to keep it all cohesive. I have to say when I look back on our photos of our wedding day I get this warm, soft, glowing feeling look at them. Using these colors for a summer wedding were perfect and made it all come together so nicely!


My maid of honor and best friend since grammar school, Sylvia, wore a gorgeous light blush pink and gold gown from BHLDN which was absolutely breathtaking. It was so details and sparkly and beautiful and it looked so perfect on my wedding day with our colors.
Even our dog got in on the action with a white lace dress just like mine and blush pink roses adorning the collar area. She was just the cutest little addition and this dress got so many compliments (hers and mine, lol). Hers I got on Amazon and it will be something I save forever.


When it came time for wedding flowers I knew that for my June wedding I wanted lots of garden roses, hydrangeas and peonies. All three of these are soft, romantic and delicate – which is much the style of my wedding and my gown. I feel as though all these things tied together so nicely on my wedding day and made the church and venue look timeless. I also let the florist know they were free to add any filler flowers they’d like to fill up the vases but to stick to those colors which they did.


More and more brides are opting for low centerpieces and getting ride of the very high, ornate and large flower arrangements, at least that was what we decided to do. I wanted beautiful flowers but I didn’t want them to be overpowering and I surely didn’t want them to get in the way of people being able to see throughout the room or talk across the tables. We opted for some basic clear, square vases for the center of every table and made all 18 of our tables centerpieces exactly the same.


We had 9 tables on one side of the dance floor and 9 on the other. Of those two sides we chose half of those tables (4 on each side, a total of 8 tables in the room) to have additional tall, clear vases filled with water, flowers and floating candles. We also had about 8-10 votive candles and holders around the perimeter of the floral centerpieces in both clear vases and gold, metallic vases. The colors looked so beautiful together and lots and lots of candles made the room so beautifully lit and romantic, especially after the sun went down. I bought a ton of my candle holders from Michael’s craft store and and picked up a lot of the actual votives on sale whenever I saw them or had a coupon.


Also on our tables we had custom made table tents with the table numbers made by the same paper designer who did our menu cards. The menus were placed on each guest’s dinner plate to read when they sat down. These all had a pearl white color with blush pink and some gold glitter accents. I chose to use a designer on Etsy to do my table cards, my menus, my name tags for our escort cards (which were mini champagne bottles) and our gift/card table sign. The menu was a nice touch as it gave me room to also make a custom message on top to thank our guests and parents.


Even more details…


We loved the idea of combining the escort cards as a favor that each couple could take home. We decided not to do individual favors as we had so much food and an hour of vienesse with so many dessert we knew our guests would not need to take even more food items home. The champagne bottles were purchased at a liquor store and ordered ahead of time by the case. Also to go with our theme we chose Chandon Rose Champagne for the pink colors and also as it was much more fruity than a traditional brute champagne.


We ordered 4 cases for 96 bottles and each case I believe was around $6-7 per mini bottle. This is a pricey escort card but I would have likely spent that much on favors (nice favors) anyway and keep in mind it’s per couple not per guest. I then had each couples name and table # printed on and tied with a blush pink ribbon. I also created a sign for the table so that guests were instructed to “Find your name and grab some champagne” and we used our wedding #hashtag throughout the venue and on all printed pieces to encourage our guests to share on social media. Our guests loved this and it was a nice take away or something they could open if they wanted to at the table and do a toast.


We used our hashtag throughout our wedding because during the reception we had two large plasma TVs on the dancefloor and part of their functionality was they would pull in any photos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that used our hashtag. This was cool because some people who didn’t make it to the church got to see images from a few hours before of our actual ceremony which was so fun to see instant images from our big day!


For our wedding cake we did romantic flowers, lace and white/blush pink. We had four tiers and the cake was a coconut cake flavor with Bavarian cream filling and then vanilla bean frosting and fondant accents. We topped our cake with a gold rhinestone “C” initial which I bought on Amazon as well.

At our church we also have 2 large altar flower arrangements and on the 2 front pews on each side we did small pew flowers on the outsides which were really pretty as well.


For me and my maid of honor’s bouquet we kept it really simple with a mix of the peonies, garden roses and hydrangeas. I wanted a small and simple set of flowers that would not over power my large dress and I loved how they turned out. I also saved these to dry out after the wedding and love having them in my house as a nice reminder of the day.


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