Breakfast of Champions - high protein omelettes with chicken and veggies

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Breakfast of Champions – high protein omelettes with chicken and veggies

Make a quick breakfast after your morning workout with egg whites and veggies! I’ve been on a big egg white omelette kick lately especially since I’ve been doing my strength training workouts early in the morning before work. I get up around 6:30 AM and head to my gym and when I get home I am starving! Omelettes are really nutritious and so fast to make so they are a win/win for your diet and your post workout macros. All you need is a carton of liquid egg whites, or eggs that you can separate the yolk from the egg white, shredded chicken that you have already prepared ( I like to make boiled shredded chicken in bulk so this is easier to do on the fly – read my post on how to make boiled shredded chicken here), and a variety of your favorite vegetables. For me, I love red bell peppers, green peppers, asparagus chopped up, onions and spinach. You can also add in any others that you prefer but the more veggies the better as they are loaded with fiber to help you feel full longer.


I usually pick up the generic, store brand egg white liquid at the grocery store. We go through so much of it that for me I go with the cheapest one over some of the pricier “name brand” ones. Egg white liquid is egg white liquid so unless there is a big difference in ingredients (which there shouldn’t be) you can go with the lowest cost one. Usually this carton is around $3.49-$3.99. Buying a dozen eggs is a bit cheaper, but for me in the morning I am always in a rush so making a mess with all the empty egg shells is a no-no. I like to just pour the liquid in and put the carton right back into my fridge. Easy-peasy!


The boiled shredded chicken is a great addition to my omelette since its low in calories and add even more protein to this breakfast. It will take on whatever flavors are in the omelette as it is only marinated with chicken broth and some seasonings like Mrs. Dash. I usually always add my vegetable to the skillet first so they can cook a bit longer and then I pour in the egg whites. I use about 12 tbsp for my omelette which is more than enough for me!


Look at all those great colors when you are making your dish – and it will take me less than five minutes to make an omelette or an egg scramble. Sometimes the omelette can get messy and then I just turn it into scrambled egg whites instead. It’s all the same going down so it doesn’t really matter to me what it looks like, as long as it tastes good!


I eat my breakfast with my vitamins, which is a great tip. Taking my vitamins with food prevents any type of stomach issues or irritation which some people say does happen to them with some vitamins and supplements.


Also as another tip, try using salsa instead of ketchup if you are used to using ketchup on your eggs. Ketchup is usually high in sugars and also in sodium, whereas salsa is not and also usually it taste better with some more spice to it. I add 2-3 spoonfuls of salsa on top of my eggs and love it like that. Hope you enjoy making a high protein omelette next time you’re in the mood for a healthy breakfast!


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