Carpe Hand Lotion - Say Goodbye to Sweaty Palms (Review)

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Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion: The end of sweaty hands “Seize the Moment”

Recently I received some great new items to add to my fitness routine to help with a variety of concerns or to help improve my workouts. Today’s post is dedicated to something I received that helps to combat sweaty hands, which as many of you weight lifters know, can be a big pain and frustration. The product is called Carpe Lotion and it is an antiperspirant for athletes as well as anyone who may find the need to prevent sweaty palms. I have tried it now for a few workouts and wanted to share my thoughts with you all!


I received a hand lotion called Carpe, a antiperspirant for your hands that claims to help prevent sweaty palms. I am sure there are many situations when clammy hands have become an area of concern, or even embarrassment. Maybe it’s before a large presentation at work as a result of nerves and anxiety, maybe it’s while on a first date when we are all a bit on edge but surely want to put our best foot forward. For the purpose of my review I used Carpe before heading to the gym to lift weights. For me the goal was to increase the ability for gripping of dumb bells or other gym equipment and perhaps preventing those unpleasant calluses that come from strength training. (though as many will attest to, calluses are somewhat of a pride point for us lifters, so I wouldn’t be too upset if this lotion didn’t prevent though). I also wanted to use it while running outdoors to prevent constant sweating hands.


I tested the product out during a morning workout in the park on a hot and humid day. I applied the lotion and worked it into my hands, after 15 minutes I began my run. During and after my workout I did NOT have sweaty palms, this is something I usual suffer from especially during cardio activity.


Here is a quick look at a few new items I have in my gym bag to share with you. I just picked up a new pair of purple and orange women’s Nike sneakers, a bottle of water and mason jar filled with NLA for Her “Her Aminos” in Orange Creamsicle flavor, my Carpe hand lotion to use on my palms prior to lifting or running, a new pair of black and red Beats by Dre Solos which I have been loving and I am also testing out a new heart rate monitor by Beets Blu, a natural deoderant by Desert Essence made with Tea Tree Oil and a protein bar, today was a Detour Simple protein bar.


Some quick points to note about Carpe Lotion:

Priced: around $15.00 online – you can purchase easily on Amazon

Smooth: Carpe absorbs quickly with no chalky residue, a little goes a long way so there is no need to apply like a regular hand lotion and slather it on. Use a dime size amount and work into your palms and allow to dry.

Effective: Carpe uses an extremely powerful antiperspirant compound


Feel: the unique lotion delivery system allows for a comfortable, non-greasy, non-irritating feeling. There is no residue. Because of moisturizing components, the lotion leaves your hands feeling natural and sweat-free, not necessarily dry.

Smell: It has a nice temporary eucalyptus scent that is quite soothing. It goes away after a couple of seconds.

Ingredients: The formula includes dermatologist-recommended ingredients like natural eucalyptus oil to first gently dry the surface of the skin and aluminum sesquichlorohydate-the antiperspirant found in many extra-strength underarm antiperspirants-to dry the skin further and penetrate the sweat glands.


Millions of people around the world are, at this very moment, furiously wiping their palms against their pant legs before that important meeting or interview, scrunching napkins before holding hands with their date, and frantically wiping down their hands with towels before entering that big game. Carpe lotion would be extremely helpful in those situation and is discreetly packaged to look like regular hand lotion. For me this would be great to keep in my gym bag or in my purse especially since I often have to give pretty big presentations at work and do get a bit nervous before hand.


I also find that when I do fasted cardio in the morning on the treadmill my hands do sweat, between my fingers even, and it’s hard to wipe them without losing rhythm or balance. I could also see this being use for a variety of sports like tennis, golf or baseball where your hand grip is super important.

Carpe Lotion Co-Founders, Kasper Kubica (L) and David Spratte (R)

Meet the creators of Carpe – Kasper Kubica and David Spratte

Basically, we want to provide an easy, upfront solution to a pervasive problem. We want to make men and women alike to feel confident in social, professional, athletic, and uniquely pressurized situations.

So, whether you are holding hands with the girl of your dreams, with your grandma in church, or playing Call of Duty, or taking a test, or meeting Beyonce, playing an instrument, hunting, or seeing an old friend for the first time in months, interviewing for a job, selling a product to investors, politicking around D.C., solo free climbing Yosemite's Half Dome, catching a pass from Tom Brady, or juggling knives on the top of Mount Everest because you can- you can now relax in the knowledge that your performance will be at its best, no matter what the stakes. Seize the Moment.

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Carpe was designed to act immediately, but because the ingredients stop sweating at the pores, Carpe has a lasting and growing effect. To be sure, our formula is perfectly safe, and no trace of Carpe will remain on your palms if you completely cease to use it. However, as long as you use Carpe, even if you wash your hands, the activity of your palm sweat glands will be increasingly reduced, leading to better and better results as you use for multiple days and weeks in a row.

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