Chef V Organic Green Juice Cleanse Program Review

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This week my 3 day green organic juice cleanse arrived from Groupon. I ordered it and set it to arrive on Tuesday morning and it came on time with a text message to alert me that it was at my door. This was the Chef V program and it came in a nice insulated bag to use to transport the items and keep them cold and fresh. This is something I can use long after the products inside are gone. Everything came nice and neat with lots of great literature about how to use the program and instructions. It also breaks down all of the nutritional information for each part of the program: the green juice drink, the protein powders and the soups.

When it arrives you receive 3 containers of the green drink, 3 containers of the soups, some tea packets to make hot tea, a green Blender Bottle and literature. This is to last you for 3 days though for me, as I will discuss below, I am pushing this a bit longer than 3 days.


They had a great email and text program to alert you of what to do before your package arrived and also to text you when your package was delivered. You arrange when you want it to be delivered so that you can be home to put it in the fridge. It is in a cute insulated bag though so it wont go bad if you aren’t there to get it in an hour or two. I did this program as a way to get myself into a habit of drinking more green juice. I did not wind up using the soups, I am sure they were delicious but I never got around to it. I also did not like the protein powder, it just didn’t taste good to me and I would much rather have a protein shake (whey protein) than use that one. The only thing I stuck to was the green juice. I drank that multiple times throughout the day and truly enjoyed drinking it. It did not have a bitter taste and was well processed; it did not have any pulp or vegetable bits. It did however settle with some darker green on the bottom and you had to shake it back up to make sure it wasn’t sitting on the bottom.


Each morning I drank a full one of these with ice on my way to work, a 45 minute drive. Then I would take the jug with me to the office and refill it a few times. It kept me full almost the entire day and I wasn’t very hungry on this at all. I drank the green juice and had a salad with chicken for late lunch and maybe a small dinner. That was all I needed when I was having this green juice and it made me feel very good. I had no stomach bloating or fatigue, I did not feel hungry or moody. I think I would actually buy the green juice again and forego the rest of the program all together. It was a great buy and it helped me to really enjoy drinking green juice. For me it was a win-win!


If you’d like to try the Chef V Green Juice Cleanse you can now use promo code “JERSEYGIRL” and get 55% off using that coupon code. I plan to do this again in a few weeks and actually do the five day program. Click here to be taken to the site and use the promo code

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