Clean Eating - Dinner: Chicken & cheese, spinach and sweet potato fries

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These fries I found in the produce section at Shop Rite. They come in a plastic container and already pre-sliced. To make these I sprayed them with extra virgin olive oil and used some no-MSG seasonings. Then I placed on a baking sheet and put in the over for 30 minutes on 375 degrees.


For my protein I used organic lean chicken breast and cut it up into cubes to put in a skillet. I used extra virgin olive oil and some Walden Farms Italian dressing. I also used some seasonings as well, but no salt.


On top of my chicken I put some Organic Valley Mexican blend cheese. This is organic and absolutely delicious. I use this also in my daily morning omolettes!

Why this recipe is great?

It gives you a good amount of protein (good protein from organic chicken!)

Good carbs from the sweet potato to give you energy (so many people think you need to cut out carbs, so false!)

Fiber to help you stay full and regular in the spinach

No salt to prevent bloating and water retention, instead use no MSG spices and garlic

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