Cocoa Brown By Marissa Carter Self Tanner Review Best Self Tanner

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Cocoa Brown By Marissa Carter Self Tanner Review


Say good bye to tanning beds and harmful sun exposure and say hello to this amazing new product from across the pond – Cocoa Brown Self Tanner by Marissa Carter.


Cocoa Brown is the number one selling tanning range taking Ireland and the UK by storm and soon to launch in the US! I was so excited to get an email from Marissa asking if I would be interested in trying out her self tanner free of charge for an open and honest review. I am a self tanner lover and gave up using tanning beds years ago. I wanted a healthier option that didn’t require me baking in UV lights so I started to test out self tanners on the market. I have found a few that were really good but I am always open to trying something new. While this product line is not in the US yet it is on its way, which is very exciting news. I can definitely see the shift of people going from tanning beds to self tanners. While I do live in New Jersey, a very over-tanning state (thank you MTV’s Jersey Shore), it is important to share with others how much better self tanning is to your skin now and years from now. There are great alternatives to having a nice glow without having to put your skin into harm’s way. Plus, who wants to look 10 years older just because of sun exposure on your face?!

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Below are my results with only 1 application and in a few minutes after application. The color got even better after the full hour was up, but I didn’t have my camera with me when the hour passed, I was out on my way to run some errands but you can already see the color difference! I was extremely pleased with how quickly the color develops and how evenly.


I was very excited to open my mail box and to see a pretty little pink package from Marissa and I knew right away what this was! I quickly ran upstairs to open it up and loved the packaging of this product. It is so bright, fun and girly and the little card included was a nice touch. The product is packaged very well and your mitt comes completely sealed. The pump for the mousse allows a small amount to come out at a time and the mousse texture is great because you don’t have any uneven application like you may get from a spray or pump.


With your 1 hour tan mousse you also receive a self tanner application mitt; this will help to prevent you from getting very obvious self tanner hands! The mitt is super soft and made it very easy to apply the self tanner mousse. I didn’t think at first the mitt would feel good or be comfortable but it really helped me to apply everything evenly and smoothly. You will also see the color develop on your mitt and you can toss it in a sink full of soup to clean it after each application if you’d like.


Below is the mitt after you apply. You need about 1-2 pumps per section of your body. I have a feeling this bottle will last quite awhile because a little really does go a long way. There was no streaking or blotchiness to this application. As always you should avoid putting the mousse in the cracks of your knees and elbow, toes and fingers. You don’t want the color to over develop and settle in there, a tale tell sign of bad self tanning.


Tips to prep your skin for using a self tanner:

1. take a hot bath or shower and cleanse your skin. you do not want any creams, moisturizers or perfumes on when you self tan

2. use a gentle exfoliator to get rid of any dry or flaking skin. any dead skin will make a self tanner look blotchy

3. let your skin dry completely before you apply

4. a bikini or do the self tanning naked

5. Do one coat until you know how the tanner will set in on your skin

6. After the hour is up you will develop your color, wear lose fitting clothing


The mousse is a dark color so it helps you know where you have or have not applied. I started mine with my face first, then worked down my body to arms, shoulders, chest, stomach, lower back and then legs. It was very easy to use and had no bad smell at all. Many self tanners have a medicine type odor, but this had no scent at all so it was nice to use.


The tan really does develop in one hour and I even thought it kept developing into the next day. The color was warm and not orange at all. It was a sun kissed glow and was great in the winter time. The color has since not faded or peeled and it has been a few days. Sometimes self tanner will peel or start to crack and fade but this one did not. It also did not feel wet or sticky on my skin either like other self tanners do. I can see myself using this once a week to maintain a nice color. Tan also makes your skin feel and look better, especially when you work out a lot. It seems that your muscles pop more when you are tan which is a nice bonus!


I also would like to highlight that Cocoa Brown does NOT test on animals which is HUGE plus in my book. I don’t like to spend money on products or brands that test on animals if I have that option so that was such a nice surprise! I have to say that Cocoa Brown has a new fan over here in the USA. I am very impressed with this product and its results after only one use. It will be something I use over and over again and I can’t wait for them to be sold in the US. I highly recommend this for the ladies who want to stay a nice warm glow in the winter without the fake tan, orange look


Thank you again to Marisa for sending me this free of charge to try in return for a review. I have to say this was a great treat to receive and I will be sure to use this weekly to keep my skin looking and feeling its very best. I wish her and the company the very best when they come to the US, it will do very well!

UPDATE: as of 2/19/2015 Cocoa Brown self tanner is now available for purchase in the United States at Rickys:[]=3123

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