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Get ready to enjoy a delicious protein shake packed with antioxidants

If you are strength training you already know the importance and benefits of increasing your protein intake daily. Protein helps to grow lean muscle and is crucial as part of your macro nutrient rich diet. I aim to eat 1.25 grams of protein per pound of my body weight, which can be challenging from food alone. That is why I use protein powder to supplement my diet for more protein consumption. Protein shakes and smoothies are a great way to get more protein into your diet, and you can make them taste delicious too by adding things like berries, flax seed, chia seed and peanut butter! Today’s Nutribullet protein shake is a berry blast – complete with blackberries, strawberries and cookies & cream flavored protein YUM!


I like to buy my fruit fresh and then wash it and place it in a container in my freezer. I hate watching fruit go bad if I don’t eat it in time, but you can easily freeze your fruit to use for your protein blasts. It’s great because your Nutribullet is going to be able to chop it up when it is frozen and it makes your shake cold, just like ice! Today’s shake used frozen blackberries and some fresh strawberries. I used a bought a handful of each fruit and it turned my shake into a pretty color of purple! I like berries because they are packed with antioxidants, great for your body and your skin!


It’s a good idea to use fruit so that you get in some extra fiber to keep you feeling full longer,but fruit is also a natural sweetener and your body will need natural sugar especially on a workout day where you lift. I made this shake to have after my workout and chose to use BodyTech Whey Tech Pro 24 Cookies and Cream flavored protein. I like this flavor because it isn’t over powering in flavor that it will taste too sweet. I used 1 scoop which is 110 calories, .5 grams of fat and 24 grams of protein!

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For this shake I used:

1/4 cup of unsweetened almond milk

1 scoop of BodyTech Whey Tech Pro 24 Cookies and Cream

1 handful of frozen, fresh blackberries

1 handful of sliced fresh strawberries

Dash of ground cinnamon powder

Water to fill line

Nutribullet to blend


There are so many great combinations you can make with flavored protein powders and fruit. Making protein shakes that you enjoy drinking is key, otherwise you won’t want to drink them. The Nutribullet is great because it turns it into a milkshake consistency which I like drinking!


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