Croc Classic Nano Titanium Flat Iron Review - Best Hair Straightener

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Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron Review – Best Hair Straightener Review

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If your in the market for a new flat iron, or if the one you have just isn’t meeting your expectations you might want to consider purchasing the Croc Classic Titanium Flat Iron. Three years ago my future mother in law, who is also an amazing hair stylist surprised me with one as a gift. She said that after her years of doing hair this was her favorite iron to straighten hair, and I would have to agree with her. I used to buy the Hot Tools flat iron, but it would fry and burn my hair. Sure it got my hair straight, but I just knew it was damaging my hair. It would feel like straw after a few weeks of use and the iron was just way too hot. I burned myself a few times with it and after about a year it would crap out and I’d have to buy a new straightener. I have also purchased a few from Home Goods or TJ Maxx but none seemed to straighten my hair AND keep it looking healthy – until I was introduced to the Croc.


I had my first Croc Flat Iron 3 years ago and it just died a few months ago, so it lasted me almost three years, which for a styling tool that you use everyday that was pretty good. I could of sent it back to the manufacturer probably but for Christmas this year I got the new Croc as a gift, and I was so happy! I had been using a cheap replacement for the last few months and I could tell the difference. Not only did it never feel like it got my hair straight, it felt like my hair was losing its shine and softness too. I also hated that it didn’t auto turn off (which the Croc does do) so I would accidentally leave it on all the time! I would come home from work and it was still on, thank god nothing happened but that is a hazard. So with a huge smile on my face I opened my new gift and was back in business. I wanted to share my review with you because this flat iron is the only one I will use on my hair and if for some reason I lose or break this one, I will replace it. Once something works on my hair I tend to stick with it.

Let’s talk a bit about my hair….so you know what we’re working with

IMG_3890.PNGI have color treated hair. I have hair that if it air dries it can be unruly wavy, not pretty wavy or curly, just unruly. I have combination hair, meaning some areas of my hair are straighter than others, some areas are dryer than others, and some are more coarse and damaged than others. I always have bangs, of some sort, either short by the eyebrow to the side or longer layer bangs…I always try to grow them out completely and then get a hair up my ass and cut them again. I have also done ombre and highlights in the last year and have since gone back to dark hair again because of the damage the bleach did to my ends.

I just can’t win, I have never had amazing, healthy hair – I just work with what I have and try to make it feel and look as best as it can. I also have dry/damaged hair and it tends to get oily after about one day of not washing it. So I’m always in a viscous cycle of wash, don’t wash, must wash…and since I work out almost daily I sweat and want to always wash my hair but that dries it out even faster.

_MG_0073So for me a hair straightener can’t dry my hair out even more. It can’t be something that will strip my hair of moisture. I also want a flat iron that gets it flat in one to two passes, max. I don’t want to keep going over my hair with that amount of heat over and over again. I think a good flat iron should turn our hair flat in no more than 2 passes, which the Croc does. What I love about the Croc is that I never feel like it is damaging my hair. Even on my bangs and layers which can get dry and brittle if you over process them or over flatten them. With other flat irons my bangs would literally start breaking off and I’d have tiny piece of hair everywhere or if I rubbed my fingers over my bangs I could hear the cracking, awful! With the Croc even my bangs stay healthy and don’t get split ends – which, if you are trying to grow your bangs out, you don’t want to contribute to the dead ends, because then you have to keep on cutting them over and over again and they never grow out!


A few reasons why I love the Croc above all other straighteners:

1. It heats up to 450 degrees. Now I never really put it that hot, but having that option for some women is important. I usually use mine at around 300 max.

2. The grip on the Croc is awesome, it has grooves to place your hands and finds that feels good and keeps your grip secure so you don’t have any slips or burn yourself.

3. The 1 1/2 inch plate is perfect for small areas like bangs but also helps to do the hair very quickly. For me that is the perfect size for a flat iron plate.

4. The cord never tangles. It is long and never gets wrapped up which so many other cords do.

5. It auto shuts off! I don’t know many irons that do that, but if it is inactive for about 20 minutes it will make a beeping sound and shut right off. If you want to put it back on, just hit the power button and it heats up again.

6. It heats up super fast. I would estimate within 30 seconds or less it will be ready to use.

7. It doesn’t give off a burning smell, which a LOT of irons do.

8. It keeps your hair shiny without any dry out or damage


  • Advanced nano-silver technology for sterilization and deodorization
  • Titanium ionic plates combined with far-infrared heat results in smooth cuticles and shiny hair
  • FND digital display and digital temperature control system maintains precise temperature at all heat settings
  • Digital temperature control with 25 heat settings; ranges from 200F – 450F by increments of 10F
  • 60% faster and more effective straightening utilizing the most advanced ceramic technology


I would say that if you have to purchase a flat iron soon I would highly recommend this one. It is my trusted, tried and true favorite for my hair and I have tried so many in the past. It is the one item that I would say I use at least daily or every other day on my hair.


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