Ditch the mayo when making tuna fish

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Eating smart and healthy is all about knowing what you are adding to your food


A good diet is built on great intentions. So many times we aim to eat a ‘healthy’ meal but don’t realize that all the sauces, marinates, dressings and additives are loading on the extra calories. It’s a shame when I see someone trying to really eat well, they’ve made an amazing salad and then there goes the high fat and not nutritious ranch dressing. It’s important to be educated on alternative ways to make healthy food taste good without turning it into a high calorie, high fat dish.


When it comes to tuna fish it is a very healthy lunch or snack idea, but you don’t want to load it up with mayo. While mayo in a small amount isn’t terrible for you, most of us don’t use that amount. People like to load it up to make the tuna fish “salad” a white sloppy bowl of more mayo than tuna. The calories can add up fast. If you want a healthier option you can use a few slices of lemon instead. The lemon will cover the “fishy” taste and smell and give it a delicious flavor. I also use some seasonings like the Everyday Seasonings from Trader Joe’s. I also chop up some organic celery and white onion and its good to go!


I prefer to buy the Bumble Bee Omega 3 tuna fish. It is white albacore chunk light tuna so its the larger white chunks and not the pink kind. For 1 can of this tuna it is 140 calories, 5 grams of fat and 32 grams of protein. It is a super high protein option with very low calories. It also gives you 3 times the daily required Omega 3s which are good, healthy fats.


It is pricier to buy this tuna than regular tuna, I think a can is close to $3 a can but it is worth it to know that you are getting great quality tuna and also the needed daily healthy fats in your diet. We keep these in the fridge for a quick snack at any time. Just skip the condiments like mayo to save on the calories.


If you are ever in a pinch and need to eat something quick, I always like to go with a quick bowl of tuna fish. This fills me up but doesn’t make me feel overly full. The tuna is light and super healthy so you can always opt for that in between meals.

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