Fall Fashionable Glasses using Warby Parker Home Try On Program

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Fall is in full swing, and while I sometimes sit and miss the days of summer I am embracing the cool chill of Autumn and all the great fall fashions that have emerged. I would gladly trade in a bikini for some black leggings, knee boots and chunky sweaters. There is something about the fall months that bring back such great memories of my childhood; trick or treating, making holiday cookies, baking pies and rolling around in the leaves. It is also around Thanksgiving that me and my husband met so this time of year will always hold a special place in my heart <3



When it comes to fall styles eye wear is one of the best accessories to brighten up and bring to life any outfit. At Warby Parker they embrace the fall with a bunch of new eye glass styles in a variety of colors and shapes. I have been to a Warby Parker store in NYC before and just loved the experience. At their stores you can walk in and try on all of the frames and even take photos in a photo booth area to see what you really look like in their spectacles. You never really know how frames look on you until you see yourself in a photo, I always say.

What most people aren’t aware of is their Home Try-On program which allows you to browse their site, select five frames that you like and then test dry them at home for five days free of charge. *Actually they do ask for your credit card information and charge you $1 to validate that the card works. They will ship your glasses to you for free, let you test them out to see which you like the best and then send them back with free return shipping. It’s just that easy and there is no better way to really figure out which glasses are best for you than living with them for a few days.


The fine folks at Warby Parker reached out to me via email and asked if I would test out their Home Try-On program and share my photos and thoughts about how I accessorize for fall. Their new fall campaign #FallSyllabus is in full swing and so many people are sharing their photos and favorites online. Fall is a great time to wear chunky sweaters and scarves, boots and coats and glasses just work so well to create a completed look. All of their frames are very light weight and ultra hip and trendy.

They have a ton of new styles and colors for Fall 2015 that you should really check out. A little bit of information about me and my vision (or lack of it), I wear contacts daily and my prescription for my contact lenses is -5.25. That is really bad; I am both far sighted and nearsighted and without glasses or contact lenses I really can’t function in society. I would not be able to operate a vehicle safely, or work on a computer or read a book. I am a slave to my contacts, but I love the look of eye glasses so much, it’s just so hard for me to find a pair that are comfortable and don’t look like I’m wearing coke bottles (since my prescription is so strong the glass is usually always super thick.)


I picked out my five glasses based on my shape preferences and then waited patiently for my new glasses to arrive. Below are the pairs I selected: Barnett, Wilkie, Daisy, Gilbert and Keene (aren’t their names the cutest?!) I like my glasses more on the square and rectangular side and went with a lot of brown, turtle shell and even a dark red which I thought would be great with an all black outfit in the fall. When your box arrives it’s exciting to break out your new specs and test them out. I highly recommend wearing them for a few hours to see how they feel and try them in indoor light and outdoor light as well to see the colors.


The program was super easy to do; just go online, pick out your five frames (or sunglasses!) and then in 2-3 business days your box of glasses will arrive. You then have five days to test drive these bad boys and see which fit your face shape, feel the most comfortable and compliment you best. I tried a few different colors; red, grey, beige and tortoise. At first I thought I would like the grey frames, but when I tested them out the color was a bit too muted for my taste. I liked the darker color frames best since they seemed to POP on my face. My two favorite were the Gilbert (red) and the Keene (tortoise).


While the red were so adorable, I also had to keep in mind I would likely wear those a whole lot less since they will only match with certain outfits. Even though I wear a lot of grey, white and black (perfect for red frames), I knew on the days I wear a color like pink or blue these would clash pretty badly. Then I started to gravitate toward a more neutral frame and began to really like the Wilkie and the Keene even more.


Thanks to Warby Parker for sharing their program information with me. I was very impressed with the ease of the Home Try-On Program and plan to look into getting a prescription set of lenses created for me for the fall.

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