Fall fitness - get outside and take a hike (or walk)

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Get outdoors and stay active as Autumn heads into full swing


Fall is now in full swing which means lots of beautiful scenery, the changing colors of the leaves on trees, cool air and a feeling of change. I love the fall season because it reminds us of the beauty in nature that is all around us but that we may not pay attention to all the time. If you’re anything like me, you love the gym…but whenever I have the chance to take my workout outdoors I love to. While I don’t do a lot of cardio, I do enjoy going for a long walk or hike in a park or on a beautiful trail. Sometimes it’s a nice escape from the daily grind and stress of day to day life. The fall is also a great chance to get some fresh air outside since the winter season is right around the corner.


Try to find a park near you that you can easily drive to and spend an hour or two on the weekend (or whenever you have the time to go and be undisturbed for some “Me” time) or grab a friend to go with you. The great thing about heading to a park is you will be surrounded by great scenery that you will lose track of time and when you look down at your watch 1-2 hours could have passed. Doing a fast pace walk or light job will get your blood pumping and warm up your muscles. If you are walking on a more varied terrain you will also get some great interval training as well. This is a good way to burn some calories without realizing you are even doing it.


Take in the beauty around you. Sometimes I like to go for a walk in the park or a job just to reset myself. With so much going on with work, life, planning a wedding, etc. it is therapy for me to just be one with nature and take it all in. Listen to the sounds, feel the sun on your skin, notice all the little things that we forget to pay attention to each day. Use that hour or two as your own personal time to reset our clock and bring yourself back to a positive place. Wear some comfortable shoes with some grips or treads to avoid any slipping or injury on the rougher sections of your walk or hike. Most importantly take the time to listen to some good music but not too loud so you can’t hear what is going on around you. Never go walking at night alone either, or even with a partner. It’s better to be safe!!

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