Fall Hair Trend Alert - The Ombre Lob or Long Bob

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For years I always had long hair, it was my signature style and I loved having so many options when it came time to style my tresses. The problem was after my wedding the long hair just didn’t really serve a purpose for me and being an avid gym person everyday, I was washing my hair every single morning before work. I would get so sweaty that it required me to refresh my hair daily, and blow drying super long hair was just taking its toll. It was something I hated to do everyday, it never went faster than 30 minutes and it just seemed to be killing my hair.

This past month I have decided to just chop it off and go with a long bob, also known as a “Lob”. So many beauties are chopping their locks for fall and winter and I was not fearful at all walking into my salon and asking for a big trim. I decided to cut what I amount to be about 6 or more inches off of my hair. I have to say that doing that felt like the world was literally being lifted off my shoulders. My hair felt lighter and more movable, something that just doesn’t seem to happen when you hair is aimlessly long and just sits there.

I have been growing out my bangs for over a year and that was also a reason I want to pick my hair up to a little longer than shoulder length; I was hoping to slowly bring my length of my side swept bangs to the length of my hair, which may take another 2-3 months but my bangs are now past my chin and almost to my collar bone. That took a lot of patience to do, normally by now I would have had my bangs cut short already. I also had my colorist go lighter on my base and do some ombre on the bottom or bayalage lightening. While lightening typically kills my already dry and damaged hair, this color turned out really well and my hair doesn’t feel super dry or brittle. In order to combat that I use a few key hair products which I will list down below. This weekend I am going back to my hair salon to take it up another inch and add a bit lighter highlights throughout. There is just something super fun, sleek and contemporary about a fall shorter hair style – especially paired with awesome chunky sweaters, capes, turtle necks and bomber jackets. Those are all my favorite items for fall, oh and lots of scarfs too!

Must have short hair and colored hair products:

  1. For lift and volume – I like to use the Rusk Hair Volumizer Spray. This product is a clear spray and I apply a few spritzes to the root area after I have combed through my wet hair. I work it in and when I blow dry my hair it gives it nice volume but without the stickiness of a mousse or gel or cream. I picked this up at my local Marshalls but you can also order on Amazon.

  1. To wash my hair everyday I am using the Maple Holistics Degrease Shampoo combined with their Silk 18 Conditioner. I am on my third bottle of ease and they are a dynamic duo if you wash your hair daily like I do because of the gym.
  2. For styling I recently purchase large hot rollers to put on my hair after it has been dried. I only do these when I have the time to really get ready for a night out. These help to give some body and volume, especially at the root area. I bought the Conair set which has 5 large rollers

  1. If you are growing out your bangs to meet the length of your new shorter hair invest in some fun hair clips or bobby pins to keep your bangs off your face. If they are on your face all day they tend to get greasy.
  2. Use a hairspray that does not freeze your hair. You want hold but movable hold, I like either the Argan Oil Hairspray or the L’Oreal Hairspray.
  3. Get a teaser comb that will help you to lift your hair at the roots for fullness.
  4. Last but not least have a great blow dryer and round brush to get some nice lift as you dry your hair. I love my pink elchim dryer and prothermal anti static brush by Olivia Garden which I bought at ultra

If anyone in New Jersey is looking for a new hair salon or stylist I use Hair Ambition Salon in Nutley, NJ.

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