Fall Wardrobe Updates Made Easy with Forever21 (promo code included)

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My Recent Forever 21 Haul and Fall Must Have Accesorries

I am very excited to let you know that beginning Friday, 11/13, Forever 21 is running a Friends & Family Sale with savings up to 20% on ALL regular priced items! This deep of a discount only happens a few times a year – so don’t miss out!

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It’s not secret that one of my favorite retail companies for clothing is still Forever 21. Even though I am no longer in my 20’s (grabbing for my Kleenex now) I still love the assortment of their store and website. You also cannot beat their prices, especially if you are like me and like to change-up your look and buy lots of fun pieces like scarves, jewelry and accessories without breaking the bank. I also really love Forever 21 because I am petite, and many other stores don’t carry jeans or pants in sizes that fit me well, so I can always guarantee that when I visit one of their stores they will have stuff that will work on my body type. One thing I also love about the affordability of their items is that if for some reason something just doesn’t look that great after a while I don’t feel so bad donating or getting rid of it. Of course, there are staple items in my wardrobe I will spend more money on, but for my every day clothing I like to mix and match some designer things with affordable items and that is where Forever 21 perfectly fits into my lifestyle.


As the seasons change I find that I am buying more and more to get ready for the next change of weather. I was provided with a $25 gift card to spend on some wardrobe updates from my friends at Forever 21’s Affiliate Network and I was able to get 2 pairs of sunglasses, 2 necklaces, a pack of rings and 2 basic t shirts (one long sleeve and one long sleeve) all for under $25! You really can’t beat that for some basic accessories and tops to layer.


Right now I am starting to buy a lot of:

cardigans, basic t-shirts and tank tops for layers, chunky sweaters, blazers, tights, scarfs and outerwear.


I love the colors olive, burgandy, mauve, nude, beige, charcoal grey and black for fall and winter so thankfully they have a ton of stuff for me to choose from. I recently placed an order online and got myself quite a lot of new fashion items that I wanted to share with you. One thing that is great about ordering online from www.Forever21.com is that you can easily put the stuff back into the box and send it back for a full refund if you don’t like something or it just doesn’t meet your expectations. If you buy things in the store and return you will only get store credit, so that is why I prefer to order online just in case it doesn’t fit or look how it did online I can get my money back without any hassle.


I also don’t like to spend a ton of money on designer sunglasses so I always buy mine from H&M or Forever 21 because if I lose them or break them I am only out like $10! I got these sunnies and love them because this bridge piece reminds me of some of the trendier Dior and other designer label glasses I have been seeing a lot, except mine were under $7. I also love collecting fashion jewelry and rings like the stack I picked up below. As you can tell I prefer gold jewelry over silver especially for fall and winter since it’s a warmer color, unless I am wearing grey and in that case I will wear silver.


What I picked up from Forever 21 on my last order:

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