Falling off the fitness wagon

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I hate to admit it but recently I’ve fallen off the workout wagon and it isn’t for lack of desire or drive, but I have found myself out of the gym for about two weeks now and feeling pretty down about it. Over the last few weeks my energy has hit rock bottom and I’ve been extremely fatigued, weak and tired. I am not quite sure if it has to do with the weather or lots of germs going around (a ton of people I know have gotten strep throat, the flu and colds), but needless to say I haven’t worked out in about two full weeks. I used to get up and do the gym at around 6:30am, work out and head home to shower and then go to a full day of work. Lately I can’t even wake up in the morning and when I do I still feel tired – how is that even possible? Either way, I know it’s not who I am and my fitness DNA is telling me this is just no good. The struggle I have had is do I get the sleep I so desperately need or get up and work out. The truth is, I think part of why I feel this way is because I haven’t been at the gym and my body is all out of wack.

I haven’t gained any weight, though I do feel a little softer in some areas. I can’t imagine that happens so quickly but I can surely feel the different. I hate not sticking to my routine and it’s more of a mental defeat than anything when I get out of my rhythm. What I’ve committed to myself is that I need to find the right time to carve out for my workouts and be open to moving things around if I have to. It’s okay to miss a workout here or there, but it’s even more important to make sure you commit to yourself not to let it all go to the trash basket.

Whenever I feel like I’ve fall off the wagon I give myself a few more days to evaluate how I got there and why. Then I try to plan out how to get back into my routine. I find that when I am going to workout almost daily I never fall out, but then life happens and you miss a day, maybe two and then it all goes to the shitter. I won’t let that happen and if you find yourself in this dilemma it’s okay. Find the day that you will commit to getting back into the swing of things and just make it happen. Don’t get so down on yourself, I know I have, and just move on and step forward.

xo Adrienne

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