Finding the perfect wedding shoes - why is it so hard?

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When it comes to finalizing your wedding day look, sometimes the dress is not the hardest thing to pick

My wedding is coming faster than a freight train and with the amount of things happening in my life, my wedding has just been an added layer of more “to-do’s”, “get it done’s” and “check that off the list’s”. It’s been hard to focus since sadly my mother’s passing has been something that I’ve of course been really sad about, but with the June 6th deadline coming I have to remain as focused as I can to get things ordered, tried on, sorted out, finalized, etc. (can you sense the stress in my typing, lol).

Top Picks for Wedding Shoes - Make a Statement With Your Bridal Heels

So the one hardest part of my wedding planning is finding my wedding shoes. I can’t tell you how many stores I have went to, shoes I have tried on, websites I have browsed only to come up empty handed, or worse, order something only to wind up hating them and sending them back. For some reason, I probably have my wedding shoes Pinterest boards to blame, I thought shopping for my wedding shoes was going to be easy – or if not easy at least enjoyable. I had envisioned a Cinderella moment of going to try on the perfect heel, my toes would twinkle and off I would go to my car with box and bag in hand, wiping my brow and sighing of relief. That never happened and if anything I am more like screaming and panicking instead. Rose Gold Wedding Shoes. Forget ivory and nude-metallic-hued wedding shoes are the new neutrals. Rose gold is not only a pretty shade for summer, it also flatters all skin-types, providing that extra little pop and pizazz your wedding day look demands. (And while they may be pink, their sleek metallic sheen makes them modern.) So go ahead-fall in love! We guarantee you'll want to wear them over and over again.

You need to have YOUR wedding shoes with you for your first dress fitting appointment, mine is on April 14th. I have already seen my dress and tried it on since it arrived but it was more to just make sure everything came in as expected, but no actual alteration were done. I ordered my dress back in July, it didn’t arrive to my bridal salon until February. At that time my mom was getting extremely ill with her cancer, so I kept pushing off going to try it on again so that maybe she would feel well enough to come with me. I didn’t get to try my dress on until March and sadly my mom was not able to join me. I had my maid of honor and best friend come and take photos which I did get to show my mom on my cell phone a week before she passed away. It was hard for her to view the dress knowing in her mind she would likely not be there on my wedding day. The one thing that makes me so happy though, is that when I went dress shopping my dress was the one my mother picked. When I walked out in it she began to cry, she was so happy! So now when I finally wear my wedding dress on my wedding day it will always make me feel like she is wrapped around me because this was the dress SHE chose and I love it so much.

Dress shopping day with my mom and maid of honor at Bijou Bridal in Paramus, New Jersey

I was trying to find shoes that were:

  • Color: gold, champagne, ivory, blush pink (any one of those colors) to match my wedding theme.
  • At least 3 3/4 inches tall in height
  • Had some kind of embellishment on them like a bow, rhinestones or flower
  • Would be comfortable to wear all day
  • I was willing to spend up to about $700 if I absolutely fell in love with a pair

So at first I ordered a pair of shoes from Badgley Mishka in the rose pink color, with a flower. I had a feeling these would be perfect, until they arrived and the heel was so low I felt like they just weren’t a “wedding” shoe. I had to return those and was disappointed.

These shoes were beautiful, but the heel was way too low for me in my dress so they had to be returned. You can click here if you want to purchase them though

Then I ordered another pair of Badgley Mishka shoes from Bloomingdales that were silvery/gold shimmery and were a basic peep toe, but at least the heel was a bit higher. They were called the Lust Pump and had a champagne type color which would have been great. They came and when I tried them on the open peep toe area just felt really large in size. There was just so much of your toes showing and it didn’t feel very feminine, it almost felt a bit childish when I put them on. So those went back as well.


I visited a Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Last Call Neiman Marcus outlet, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s – nothing sparked my interest, no shoes stood out to me as amazing bridal shoes.

I kept looking online on tons of websites, but either my size was out or the color was not one of my colors or they just weren’t “the shoe.”. Below are the sites I did visit for wedding shoes:

  1. – click here
  2. – click here
  3. – click here
  4. Amazon – click here
  5. – click here
  6. – click here
  7. – click here
  8. – click here
  9. – click here
  10. – click here

Today I finally ordered my last two pairs of shoes in hopes that one of these will finally work! I ordered an ivory pair from Kate Spade and a blush pink pair from Nina. These I purchased on since so many people have been telling me they ship super fast and their return policy is excellent, which is my concern always when shopping online. I am hoping that these will work and if I like them both I can use both on that day to swap for photos to have one a classic ivory color and one pink for fun portraits.

These are the Kate Spade New York Izzie in Ivory – click here ($358.00 on

I loved the adorable box detail on the ankle, great for photos from behind or while getting ready. I liked the strap around the ankle to make sure I don’t trip or lose my shoe during any part of my wedding day. The heel is a little smaller than 4 inches, but I think these will work. They are cute, girly and fun and just the right amount of elegance and playful. I think they might also be able to be dyed if I really wanted to make them a blush color, but I will likely keep them ivory to match my dress. The Kate Spade New York Izzie shoe is one I think will actually really work for me!

The other shoe was the Nina Makara Blush Pink Platform Shoe – click here ($99.00 on

I don’t have any shoes by Nina, but I know they are bought a lot for wedding and evening wear dresses. While they are not a “designer” heel I could care less as long as they look good, feel good and are the color and style I want. I really love the blush pink color and the flower detail on the front. These are a bit higher so if I find the Kate Spade is a bit too low, these will probably be better. They are also a very good price point at under $100! If you are having a blush pink or rose gold wedding theme these Nina Makara shoes might work for you too!

So my words of advice to other brides out there who still have not found their wedding shoes, keep searching. I recommend ordering a few online to try, put it on a credit card and then return the ones you don’t like. This will save you some headaches and some of the sites listed above are very good about quite returns and refunds. I am hopeful this is my last round of shoes to buy so that I can cross this off my wedding to-do list! Good luck ladies and let me know where you got your shoes or even feel free to share a photo of them with me. xo

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