Food Diary 3: New Week and New Goals to Reach with My Meals

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Food Diary 3: New Week and New Goals to Reach with My Meals

Failing to plan is Planning to Fail..


It’s been a rough week for me with my training and this week when I woke up I said “That’s it, Monday starts a new week and some new goals!” That’s why I love Mondays, they are a chance to start with a clean slate and renew. Most of you don’t know but I haven’t been able to go to the gym in the last 9 or so day and it’s been killing me! I’ve had a lingering hamstring injury for the last three years that just won’t go away. I’ve gone the route of physical therapy, x-rays, doctor visits, etc. but no one can get to the bottom of this awful pain. So, I met with an orthopedic doctor two weeks ago and last week I had to go for some MRI tests, which meant I had to stop lifting in order to make sure that nothing that showed up in the MRI was a result of stress or strain from working out. It’s the worst to fall off my routine and it made me feel really bad about myself. I truly felt like I was failing for not going to the gym everyday, but today I was back. I got my workout done early in the morning, before work, and my meals were ready to go! It’s a reminder that even if you fall of the wagon, by choice or not, you can get right back up and get into the swing of things. This morning was my leg day and I also did a Zumba 30 minute workout after for some cardio (I don’t like to do much cardio but after a week of sitting on my butt, I had to do it). Zumba sent me some amazing apparel and workout dvds to test out to review for my readers so keep an eye out for that post coming soon! I have to say though the apparel is AMAZING! ( check it out here)


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So, back to my meals. Today I packed the following items to take with me from breakfast until I get home from work. I used up 1,023 calories with all these meals and snacks and feel really good, not hungry and very much satisfied.


I have found the holy grail of peanut butter and I’m not turning back. I love peanut butter to use as my healthy fat source and using 1 tbsp of this goes a long way. I put it on a brown rice cake and it was a nice treat to have right after my workout and on my way to work. White Chocolate Wonderful by Peanut Butter & Co. is heaven in a jar!! I plan to stock up on these very soon.


After that in the middle of my morning I sip on a whey protein shake with a cup of unsweetened almond milk, ice and water. I use BodyTech Whey Tech Pro 24 in Chocolate Mint and love it. This gets me to drink more water during the day and gives me 24 grams of protein! Yes those are googly eyes I drew on my shaker bottle, lol.


For my next meals I did one as my lunch and one as my mid day snack. Both of these are high protein and low carb but are really good options for me at work because today I didn’t have to heat either one of them up and was very busy today.


For my mid day snack I do a 1/2 cup of Trader Joe’s Fat Free cottage cheese, some black berries and raspberries and 1/2 scoop of PLNT plant protein in the flavor vanilla. I mix it all up and it’s a super high protein snack and tastes great!


PLNT is a line of products that are GMO free, gluten free and use no additives. The vanilla flavor is very good, almost like a vanilla cake flavor! I mix it in with the cottage cheese to hide the cottage cheese flavor, which is a good trick for those who don’t like cottage cheese. Berries are great for fiber and antioxidants too.


When it is all mixed up it looks like the below, a bit funny looking but trust me it is delicious and is packed with protein!


For my lunch I did some grilled chicken breast sliced up and some garden salad with Walden Farms italian dressing. This was so easy to make and eat quickly between meals. Again, high protein and low carb.


And that is my meals so far today in a nut shell. Since I have so many carbs left in my macros for dinner I plan to make some salmon burgers with quinoa and vegetables. That should get me a bit closer to reaching my macros by the end of today :)


AM to PM meals consisted of 1,023 calories / 103 grams of protein / 35 grams of fat / 72 grams of carbs


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