Food diary Day 4: high protein day with shakes, snacks and healthy meals & Zumba Gear

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Food diary Day 4: high protein day with shakes, snacks and healthy meals

This was on Tuesday which is my upper body day at the gym during my 5 Days a Week Workout Routine / Program (listed here for more details on my current workout regiment). That consisted up tricep and shoulder workout and then finished off with some Zumba for around 20 minutes since I finished my strength training in around 30 minutes. I also wore some of my new Zumba Wear athletic apparel which I am really loving. It is so comfortable and breathable. They supplied me with these black leggings/workout tights, a fun sports bra and 3/4 length long sleeve tshirt. I love those kinds of tshirts – they remind me of “Flash Dance” when they fall over the one shoulder and they are comfy to workout in.

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Back to my daily meal log – some healthy drinks, snacks and high protein ideas

These in total are only 854 calories and will keep me full from breakfast until dinner.


Breakfast: After my morning workout I make a Nutribullet protein shake. Today I used True Athlete Natural Whey protein in the flavor Strawberry, adding a handful of raspberries and blackberries and then 1 scoop of BodyTech BCAA powder. Since its my first week back to weight training after having taken 9 days off due to my hamstring injury I was already sore from my leg day on Monday. The BCAAs / Amino Acids help with muscle recovery and soreness so I add a scoop of that to my protein drinks. It’s tasteless and flavorless so it’s easy to add to any drink and not know its there at all. I also love the bright purple color!


? My Nutribullet click here

? True Athlete Strawberry Protein Powder click here

? BodyTech BCAA & Glutamine Powder click here


I use the smaller cup in the morning for blending shakes like this since if I make a large one I sometimes don’t get to finishing it and then it goes to waste and gets warm. So I use the same amount of protein powder but I make it smaller so I can get it all down before it stop being cold and delicious!


For mid day I have been loving a Lundberg organic brown rice cake (only 80 calories per cake) topped with 1 tbsp of peanut butter. I am newly obsessed with Peanut Butter & Co. peanut butters, they taste amazing! So this week I am using their White Chocolate Wonderful one and its heaven! So smooth which is key on a rice cake, normal PB will just break it all up into pieces. I then top with some cinnamon and I am good to go!

Peanut Butter & Co spreads for you to drool over: click here


For lunch I went with some sliced up grilled chicken breast which I made during my weekend meal prep. I added some onions and multi colored peppers from Fairway Market and used some Trader Joe’s Soyaki Sauce which tastes awesome for a quick stir fry.


For a mid day snack hard boiled eggs, while not glamorous or super tasty are a really quick way to get in some protein and nutrition. I buy mine already made from Shop Rite, the come in a small container of 12 and are easy to grab and go!


And I also packed a banana in case I needed a little pick me up. It’s great on a day where I train hard in the morning, sometimes you want something sweet in the afternoon. So those are my meals in a nut shell. For dinner I also had some white bean and escarole soup (my favorite kind of soup) and a grilled chicken salad. I had some macros and calories left over so I ended the evening with a Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar :)



Below is the gear from Zumba that I wore for today’s workout:

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Dance Long Sleeve Tank Size Medium click here

Perfect Long Leggings in Black Size Small click here


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