Fraser Digital Kitchen Food Scale Review

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Recently I received a new digital kitchen scale to review by a company called Fraser. They sent me this digital kitchen scale to try out and post about on my blog to educate my readers about their product. Overall, I am a big fan of using digital scales to weigh my food. I have had one or two before but actually lost them in my move, so when I received this one in the mail I was so excited to be able to have one again. A digital food scale allows you to weigh your food so that you have a better idea of actual serving sizes. Many times we over estimate a serving size; for example many of us eat a piece of meat thinking it is 4 ounces, the normal serving size, when in actuality it is probably even more like 7-8 ounces! I know this because there have been times I have been out to dinner and the piece of salmon shows up and people at the table will gasp and say “this is so small!” when it really is the right size for the portion you should eat.

A digital scale should be used to start to show you what the real sizes are and how much certain food ideas weigh. The Fraser Digital Scale is great because it is small, sleek and affordable. ( click here). The scale is $17.00 on Amazon which is a great price for this scale. It comes in black and it is about the size of an iPad Mini. It takes up very little space on your counter top, or you can choose to store it in a drawer in the kitchen and take out as needed.


As you can see in this example I wanted to show the serving size for some of these tasty yogurt covered snacks from Trader Joe’s. If you look at the nutritional information a serving size is listed as 40 grams. First you would hit the power button also labeled as TARTE. Once the number sets to zero you will use the UNIT button to determine the measurement you want to use; grams, kg, ounces, etc. Once you pick the unit you want to use you can start to add the item onto the scale. It becomes very easy to portion control since you can see what the 40 grams looks like. When you then place this into your hands you will see this is about a handful for the one serving.


This will help you when you are eating other similar items to get a sense of what 40 grams looks and feels like. I bet if you had not weighed this item you may have eaten more the one serving, maybe even 2-3!


Here you can see how compact and lightweight this item is. It weighs around 13 ounces so it’s lightweight and very easy to clean as well. This is a great item to add when you are meal prepping your food each week. It is also great in case you don’t have measuring cups for baking, you can use the scale to help you with your measurements.


This will also give you an idea of the size by showing you the size of a Quest Protein Bar on top of the scale as well. This is a great gift to yourself or someone you know who loves to meal prep or cook/bake.

IMG_6595.JPG Overall I was very satisfied with this digital scale and will continue to use it each week when I am cooking. I had no issues using this product or setting it up. Once I put the battery in, which it came with, it was as easy as pushing the power button and that was it! It was read to use instantly.

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